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Full Version: Elders Meet on Middle East
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Bet they solve the Israeli - Arab conflict in 1 day!
Patrick, what does the nabbing of "Mister Big" have to do with the title of the thread?
Nothing,but the link has been retrofitted!
Palladin Wrote:Nothing,but the link has been retrofitted!

Is that the "male" way of saying, "I screwed up, but can't admit it"? S6 8)
Well,after my 1 porno mis posting,I figured it was self evident to you and me what a dufus I am!!!!!
Well, you know how we males are? Just ask "P", or Molly. Wink1
One shouldn't besmirch the great musical legacy of George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Roy Orbison with that of two penny-ante politicians with zero honor or respect.

I agree,I did it as a sarcastic thing,but have removed it now!