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Full Version: Change In Iraq
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The more ya know them,the more ya hate them. The more war we bring to Muslim peoples,the less they will support jihad:

The religion of Islam is spread by fear and bluster. Other religions are spread by faith alone. When the fear and bluster are no longer enough to keep the adherents of Islam in line, there is no reason to be a Muslim.
Not sure I agree with that statement. But,I wouldn't argue about it.

I am satisfied to read that at least some number of Muslims just turn on the idea of jihad when they see the reality of what it really is. If they also turn on Islam,that's seperate because w/o jihad,Islam is just another religion man thought up and it's not meaningful to me.

I wish all men would be believers in Christ,but that won't happen. So,for those who remain Islamic,drop the jihad and let's be buds.
Here is an "order of battle" article on the new IA. I love this idea of recruiting soldiers into specific units whose loved ones have died due to al qaeda.

That's some serious motivation,IMO.

Al qaeda spokesman confirms much of what we've read about them in Iraq. I guess changing tactics is smart,but I wonder if it's not too late and they continue to explode car bombs,so the changes aren't going to change hearts it doesn't seem to me:

Each innocent dead victim recruits against the bombers.