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Full Version: Taliban Ambush--shoot, miss; shoot, miss; shoot, miss
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This is what happens when you combine 7th century mentality with 20th century technology.
What I don't understand is why they blew the mine with just the second vehicle. Why not wait until the last vehicle, so the rest of the convoy would be in the zone of fire. And then the enemy would be closer where they would have less trouble hitting them.

These people really are amateurs, and don't know how to initiate an ambush for save their lives.

Also, I will bet you they did not stick around long, because Mr Apache would be hot on their heels. Wink1
Vagrant pointed out that occasionally in Anbar,he saw professional ambushes and at times these kind. Muslims on the whole have this "inshallah" view of life,which is good for all us non Muslims.

Que sera,sera !

Although I have to credit one guy,one RPG round hit the HUMVEE that also was hit with the IED explosion. I hate to say it,but it's likely we lost a soldier or 2 in that HUMVEE.

Americans have no idea what these volunteers are doing for us and we're unworthy of their service. I guess that's always been true though.