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Full Version: Extreme Weather Is Climate Change Wake-Up Call
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Global warming is the defining challenge of our age as we recently agreed upon, now we must keep that constantly in our minds. I'm doing my part. :lol:
Drought, wildfire, flooding influence public opinion on global warming An extreme drought in parts of the Southeast and Southwest that keeps creeping across the country. Repeated and deadly flash floods in Texas. Rampant wildfires in the West. Great Lakes dropping to historic lows. The weather is weird, and getting weirder. All this weirdness is influencing public opinion about the granddaddy of all environmental issues: Global warming. Global warming is expected to increase the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, as the atmosphere reels from increased energy, shifting wind and moisture patterns and positive feedback loops. Today, British climate scientists said 2007 is on track to be the second warmest on record. The effects of global warming on local weather patterns are complicated, sometimes controversial and always ripe for conversation. No one weather event is an indication of climate change. Yet more and more Americans seem to perceive the totality of strange events as an indication that climate change is real, it is happening, and it isn't going to stop without some real effort, according to a story in the June 29 Independent.
More than 700 people have died from natural disasters in China this year, and the murderer, according to the nation's chief government weather official, is global warming. Parts of China have seen a deluge, with flooding causing the evacuation of more than 500,000 people, while a drought is making water short for another 12 million people elsewhere in the country.
Vast areas of flooding here, and nearly 55,000 square miles of cropland is damaged from drought there. Scientists say that a causal link can not be drawn between global warming and any one weather. Weather is weather, and climate is the accumulation of weather data over a period of time. But more and more people look at the widespread instances of extreme and unprecedented weather around the world and see a pattern: It's the pattern scientists have warned would result from a super-charged, over-heated atmosphere.
If one shreds thedailygreen, can one smoke it and write articles like these?
jt Wrote:If one shreds thedailygreen, can one smoke it and write articles like these?

[Image: 2u5crw5.gif]

Yeah but the purple stuff is better.