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Full Version: Denmark Apologizes
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:lol: :lol: :lol:

Stroll, do you wish to comment on this?
Jesus, how easy it is to mislead a couple of Danish nazis. Long ago they cared about those things,

[Image: boycott-israel-275x275.gif]

but that the extremist right wing shifts its loyalty to Israel is just logical.

"Boycott Jews" had 2,770,000 hits on Yahoo. :lol:
I see I have some allies in my "Muslims get out of our nations" ideology. Sooner this happens the less violent it will be.
don't confuse ideology and brain malfunction. You just get out of my nation. We rather have peaceful Muslims than nazi freaks around.
quadrat Wrote:Palladin,
don't confuse ideology and brain malfunction. You just get out of my nation. We rather have peaceful Muslims than nazi freaks around.

Isn't that interesting "Q". It seems that you are proving to either be from a parallel universe OR just make up things you really Wish them to be.

I just went back and checked on Baumholder Germany, near where my parents were stationed, in Neubrücke, during the mid 60s, and Lo and Behold, the garrison there is still squatting on our precious, superior soil. How about that?

Quote:Smith Barracks
Baumholder, Germany

Baumholder is home to the largest concentration of US combat soldiers outside the United States. It consists of Smith Barracks (the main post) and the base operations area support teams of Strassburg in Idar-Oberstein and Neubrucke, near Birkenfeld. Baumholder is a VERY HIGH deployment post. A major deployment to Kososvo and Macedonia, with participation of most Baumholder units, took place from November 2000 to July 2001. This deployment included 80 percent of Baumholder units.

The American military community literally coexits with the city of Baumholder, as various housing units and post facilities are located in and around the city. Baumholder is located in west central Germany in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, about 70 kilometers from the French border,about two hours from Frankfurt, just off Autobahn #62, and between Kaiserslautern and Trier.

And here is the web page for the US Army garrison at Baumholder. I feel quite certain that the mayor of Baumholder would be aghast if he were to suddenly learn that "his boys" were no longer there. In fact he may wish to have a word with you should he know what you just stated above. Wink1

Oh, and you may also wish to review, AND heed your words above. You know, the ones where you state, "don't confuse ideology and brain malfunction. Remember, what is good enough for the goose, is....................................well you get the gist, right?
Fine, let's have a closer look at that nazi filth John, Palladin and Warbicycle agree with, like will to like. 'We' or 'all Danes' or 'our land' imply this filth speaks for all Danes, but they do for a very small group of them only, and the civilized majority shows the nazis all the time whose country that actually is. This filth didn't shelter Muslims, nor housed them, nor fed them, nor paid the bills, but feuded with the Muslims from the very beginning, and did so with all other immigrants, of which the Muslims are just a minority. This filth are no Christians either, at least not from the civilized sort in Jesus' tradition. The Muslims in Denmark did not protest those Mohammed cartoons, at least not in the savage way they were incited to in Jakarta or Karachi. It's their good right to challenge them, Mohammed depictions are taboo in Islam, and they never ever protested cartoons of say Bin Laden or Ahmedinejad. Besides, the cartoons were so stupid, even I as an atheist was ashamed about this feeble effort of fellow Europeans. Civilized people, to which you don't want to belong, are proud to try to integrate immigrants. They must be helped to enable them to help themselves and to rise from poverty, from where they usually come.
There is actually a problem I personally don't like, because Germany also does a lot for it's immigrants, giving them the same rights as a citizen born in Germany after a short time only. But that's not what I as a German experience in any of the countries which send immigrants to us, their way is to rip of foreigners by all means available.

Found a nice quote today: 'resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other guy to die'.

For the sake of accuracy(which you care less about),it is not "NAZI" to have the desire to prevent humans who think like Nazis from harming an anti Nazi lifestyle and culture such as we Americans and Canucks enjoy.

You German Nazis are welcome to make a bed with Islam and you both can suck each other's tits,but the rest of us on earth don't have to buy what you 2 sell,tyranny and hatred, and we do not have to welcome either of you into our societies.

To call us Nazis for desiring to rid ourselves of your collective cancer is somewhat a bizarre use of the language.