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Full Version: Religion of Scumbags Riot Again
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Quote:On Sunday, Bajaka entered the police station of Slotervaart, stabbing two police officers with a knife.

Although having sustained serious injuries, one of the officers, a policewoman, shot and killed her alleged attacker on the spot.

The two police officers were later brought to the hospital where their condition was described as "serious but stable." Source

Mohammed wouldn't have it any other way.
Quote:Disturbances broke out for a sixth successive night in an immigrant quarter of Amsterdam when four cars were set on fire, police said.

The unrest started after police shot dead a man of Moroccan origin last weekend who had stabbed and injured two officers. The Sydney Herald

Six days later and the assholes are still rioting and setting fires.
First, Europe definitely has a problem with their Muslim immigrants. But Europe's problem is Europe's fault. They need Arabs and Turks to do their menial labor, yet wish to pretend those immigrants are only 'temporary visitors', taking every opportunity to shut said immigrants out of mainstream society. Is it any wonder those immigrants in turn become pissed?
But Europe wants to stay Europe, eg. they shut out these people because they have a habit of coming in and wanting it all their way. Europe is not Burger King.

Oh well, the Europeans brought this on when they decided to not have kids and continue to wage war on anyone who came to take their entitlements away despite the fact it'll bankrupt their particular nation. Need people to keep an economy going.

Now they can hand out entitlements to the immigrants too if they want to keep them placated and happy. But it'll put them back at square one.
Men,let us be real honest here. Europeans have decided to live it up,responsibility is a thing of the past,this includes children.

Americans have TOO,just not quite as much. We're close and closing in on them in this respect.

A huge difference is Europe has Arabs and Turks as neighbors,we have fellow Christian peoples.

Be thankful for that,real thankful.

Here's a blurb about the rioting. First Paris,now Amsterdam. There are not more tolerant people on earth than Dutch,but they became tolerant of intolerant Muslims and I won't think that way,that's a bridge too far:

Quote:A huge difference is Europe has Arabs and Turks as neighbors,we have fellow Christian peoples.
that's so true. To have faith in Jesus of Nazareth and His true identity as Son of God makes all the difference between good and evil people.
To be honest however, better to have 1,000 Turks or Arabs around, than a single one of those violent Mexicans or Colombians.