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Full Version: Judeofascist Hatewave Hits France
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You wouldn't believe how many hits 'judeofascism' produces when googled. Here's a beautiful one, coming to the very point.


I wonder, why they all have to do with religions?
Does this mean that ATHEOFASCISM has now declared war on all it's major competitors?
Not a bad doubt, indeed, atheism has occasionally been abused for very different agendas, as you do with your faiths all the time. At least we can't summon divine assistance and your absolute truth is not on our side. Everything relative. S7
Wouldn't call Judeofascism a major competitor, you could summon all followers on Moscow's red square. Their accounts are another kettle of fish, however. :lol:
Religion is generally the biggest target and the easiest to hit. Whether justified or not is irrelevant if you have a religious act to grind.
John L Wrote:Does this mean that ATHEOFASCISM ...?

The advantage the atheists have is that you don't need a prefix; "Fascism" is their birthright....

Perhaps I'm dumb today but I don't understand the relation between the link and the thread title "Judeofascist Hatewave Hits France". I expected to see a report of some new events in France, artfully twisted by Q; instead we see a merely to a post on another forum, already rebuked by the replies on that forum and not worthy of even mentioning (rebuking every nonsense one encounters is not possible with out limited lifespan).

I would love to know where "Q" cruises, on the internet, when he is not out 'nailing' the little girls of Pattua? He certainly comes up with more than a few interesting, although many times boring, articles.
mv: Fascism is not Atheist. Hitler himself was his own little brand of protestant.

Q: Once again you make me ashamed to visit this website.
Wait a second, pixiest, I'll deepen that feeling.
Quote:would love to know where "Q" cruises, on the internet, when he is not out 'nailing' the little girls of Pattua
you hit the nail on the head, last night's one was a mere 1.42 short. 75 lbs or so. But as hot as you could imagine. Lives with a Scotsman I know from my gym, 270 lbs is my guess for him. She works the road again while he's in the highlands. Thanks for reminding me, I'll go nailing a bit. :lol: