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Full Version: Grad from Gaza
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Debka: First extended-range Palestinian missiles to hit Negev town of Netivot early Sunday identified as Russian-made Grad 20-km range surface missile

This is a major escalation. It is possible that it forces Olmert into the choice of either responding or losing whatever credibility he still has...I think he is at a point where some parliament members would start abandoning him in case of indecision.
I wonder if it is possible to completely isolate Gaza from the rest of the world? Let's say take over the strip along the Egyptian border, put up a corridor along the sea, and not allow any aircraft into the strip.

If they were to totally isolate Gaza, for let's say five years, I wonder how many of the Kooks would be left alive there?
It is possible, but even Israel is sensitive to international pressure. Most of the world, including Europe seem set on condemning Israel while ignoring other atrocities.
There will be a real uproar from various humanoid groups....(or is it "humanist"?)

I do wonder if a few tactical nukes can drop the entire strip into the sea...
Too small an area (literally).
Israel ought to line up road graders across the span of Gaza and start driving from north to south. All humans and structures removed. The humans can leave or die,choice would be theirs.

I've never read of another nation in human history that was so STUPID as to tolerate this. World opinion was with the Nazis for the longest time,since when does world opinion serve the interests of anything good?

Which Jew is still so ignorant he/she believes world opinion will treat them fairly and which European is man enough today to act out their neo Nazi impulses against Jews since it would get their cowardly killed?