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Full Version: Splitting of the Jihad Ongoing?
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Very interesting,...........and heartening.
True,if that is accurate info. Slowly but surely.
Very interesting, not necessarily heartening: AQ as organization has not been a major threat for some time now. We replaced the AQ threat with the Iranian one.
The strategy was beautiful, well executed.

Heartening, because divide and conquer can work, and AQ was a serious problem in Iraq. That does not deny the Iran threat.

A minor note: what will the democrats say if OBL is neutralized?
Shiites and Sunnis always made it practical to split the Islamic world,but this split is intra Sunni which is good. Don't know how deep it goes,but my impression generally is that where ever the nuts take over that is GOOD for us because the rest of society revolts eventually with some assistance.

Hopefully the waziristan tribes are revolting like the Sunnis in Iraq have. The fact is,had Zarqawi's guys NOT ruled for some months in Anbar and other areas,we wouldn't be seeing the tremendous turn around we are with our surge effort.

Here's some good evidence the surge is just killing the nuts,shiite and sunni. They've done all they can do by now to change the public perception and notwithstanding media across the globe siding with Islamic nuts against America,the facts are available,America and Iraqis will prevail in Iraq if we want to,I felt early on watching David Petraeus that he was and is God's agent born for this role and I firmly believe it still:

Best thing ever happened to Iraq was the jihadists coming there and showing them what the future nirvana is like in the present: