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Full Version: A True Cancer Cure in A Couple of Years?
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Somehow I don't buy this thing about a universal cancer cure.  The concept of introducing super cells is a good one, but there are many different forms of cancer.  In fact cancer is nothing but mutated cells, that have run amok.  Akin to that of viruses, which are all different.

Anyway, this appears to be a giant step forward though.
Interesting indeed. Thanks for posting.
Its certainly been a lot more than a couple of years, but there is a real possibility of an actual cure in the near future. Here's the scientific paper's abstract.

Here's one of the many suddenly appearing news articles on this latest finding.

Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice. Here's another: New cancer vaccine successfully eliminates tumors in mice.

This is really amazing, to say the least. Of the 91 mice subjects, 87 were cured. That's almost a 96% cure ratio! Wow!

Cancer treatment: New cancer 'vaccine' fully eliminates tumors in lab mice - TomoNews