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Full Version: Havel: Europe bears responsibility for Nazism, communism.
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Quote:Havel: Europe bears special responsibility for Nazism, communism
Prague, June 2 (CTK) - Europe bears special responsibility for Nazism and communism and their consequences as both totalitarian systems were first established in it, former Czech president Vaclav Havel told an international conference The Conscience of Europe and Communism Monday.

Havel said Europe had special responsibility also for man's freedom worldwide.

The EU should more radically support those who fight for freedom in countries like Cuba, Belarus and Burma irrespective of any political and economic interests.

Havel warned against pacifism as a step towards appeasement policy.

The communist and Nazi regimes had many things in common, including similar ways of manipulation with the public, establishment of special non-military guards, extensive secret police structures, supervision of people, biased judiciary, executions and censorship, Havel said.

Under communism, everybody was somehow the system's victim and also one of its creators.

Ivonka Survilla, head of the Belarusian exiled government, said Russian communist propaganda had devastating effects on her country where many people continue to believe it.

Belarus has become a victim of the Soviet imperial politics, Survilla said.

Russian journalist Alexandr Podrabinek warned against the restoration of communist practices in Russia.

Tseten Samdup Chhoekyap, Dalai Lama's representative for Europe, said China's regime not only imprisoned Tibetans, but also re-trained them and suppressed their independence. He said this was considered the second cultural revolution in Tibet, referring to Mao Zedong's cultural revolution occurring some 40 years ago.

The two-day conference, opening in the Senate Monday, proposed that August 23 be declared the international day of totalitarian systems' victims.

Shorty it will bear the responsibility of appeasing Islam.