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Full Version: Zimbabwe: Carter's Folly
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[Image: Elena%20Ceausescu%20dead.jpg]

Yeah, it was odd she could be killed that way. We thought you need sunlight, or a wooden pole through the heart. But something else, didn't that Republican senator caught looking for a homosexual adventure on an airport toilet use the same line, "Don't you know who I am?"
WarBicycle Wrote:Screw Zimbabwe, I still think of it as Rhodesia. We should have never turned our backs on the Whites that were the backbone of that country.

I don't think the memory of Rhodesia would appreciate association with "Zimbabwe".

Looking at Africa, why can't it ever get it's act together, despite everything done to help it? Instead, it's racism (all whitey's fault), tribalism, and genocide. Didn't help that these Leftist guerilla leaders became rulers over it all and went on a campaign of retribution.

And a interesting side note: Detriot and other cities are becoming (if not already) strange parallels of African nations.
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