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Full Version: Reagan Was Right About One Thing Here!
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When Ronald Reagan made the comment about trees polluting the environment, the howling from the press was deafening. But later research validated his statement.

And again, we have more confirmation of the thesis. In New Trees Cancel out Air Polution cuts, it is becoming more accepted.
Quote:Industry has dramatically cut its emissions of pollutants, called volatile organic compounds. But those cuts have been more than offset by the amount of VOCs churned out by trees.

The revelation challenges the notion that planting trees is a good way to clean up the atmosphere.

The researchers used the US Forest Service Industry Analysis, a database of 250,000 randomly sampled forest plots around the country, and the known VOC emission rate for each tree species for the study.

They calculated that vegetal sources of monoterpenes and isoprene rose by up to 17% from the 1980s to the 1990s – equivalent to three times the industrial reductions.

Farmland reverting to scrub, pine plantations and the invasive sweetgum tree were behind most of the increases in the US.

When fossil fuels used in industry and automobiles fail to combust completely, they generate VOCs, which react with nitrogen oxides and sunlight to form poisonous ozone in the lower atmosphere. In the past few decades, the introduction of more efficient engines and catalytic converters has dramatically reduced these emissions.

But trees also produce VOCs, which tend to be ignored by scientists modelling the effects of ozone on pollution. So a team led by Drew Purves at Princeton University investigated the impact of newly planted forests on VOC levels in the US.

One thing left out of the report above ,however, is the fact that coniferous trees are the principle culpret. Thus all the Pines that My parents plant outside Columbia,SC are putting out more pollutents than they absorb.

And unknown to most people is also the fact that the prairie peninsula absorbs more CO2 and pollutants than forests. Since trees are more efficient while young and growing rapidly, they taper off and do less as they become mature. Grass lands are constantly regrowing and then adding to the soil on a continual annual basis.
I somehow missed this.

The answer is obvious, to save the planet we must cut down the trees - or don't you guys really care about saving the planet?
You forgot your smiley face Gary! :roll: S6
Sorry can't talk now, I am sharpening my axe so that I can begin building the myth of Paul "Eco Savior" Bunyan. I'll save the planey one tree at a time all by myself if if I have to!
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So, does this mean we'll be seeing oak-paneled station wagons plying the highways again? S1 (J/K)

Interesting that coniferous trees were earmarked as worse offenders. I wonder how deciduous trees like oaks, ash trees, maples, and the like, compare. For that matter, I'd be interested to see VOC count estimates for the average apple orchard.