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Full Version: Jamestown report on Iran
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From MENL:

Quote:WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Iran has been subverting the Baghdad government as part of a plan to gain total control over neighboring Iraq, a report said.

A report by the Jamestown Foundation said Iran has expanded its subversion efforts and intends to fragment Iraq. Authored by U.S. Army analyst Mounir Elkhamri, the report said Teheran plans to annex the Iraq's Shi'ite areas and oil fields.

"Iran has now moved covertly and overtly onto Iraq to subvert Iraqi institutions and eventually to assume total control," the report said. "Iran has now entered a wider and more dangerous game by subverting the Iraqi police and armed forces into a 'greater Shia' cause, which Iran hopes will lead to the fragmentation of Iraq and the incorporation of oil-rich Shia lands into Iran."

Elkhamri, author of the report entitled "Iran's Contribution to the Civil War in Iraq," serves as a Middle East military analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A sergeant in the army reserve, he recently returned from an 18-month tour in Iraq where he worked with a logistics brigade, a maneuver battalion and a Special Forces team.


Actually, nothing that we did not know already. Shock
Perhaps after they get complete control of Iraq, they will erect a monument to the fallen USA soldiers for winning the war for them that they could not win themselves.
All I want to know is when are we going to bomb them?
KenRI Wrote:All I want to know is when are we going to bomb them?

Some time after they bomb us....if there is anyone left to return the favor.