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Full Version: What do Americans think of the rest of the World?
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Yankeecat Wrote:[/code]

Yank, you must not realize that while you can get through, others cannot, unless they subscribe. Most of us are not about to do that, so if you want us to read the article, you will have to cut and past it here. I have no problem with that. Wink1
Although my passports have lots of stamps, I've only lived in the USA, southernmost Mexico, Thailand, and briefly in Nicaragua. As an expatriate, I found the Central Americans to be less frantic, more relaxed (can't be walking too fast in the tropical sun), and petty thieves.

Values are different. Extended family is more important; career is less important. "Telling the truth, all the truth, and nothing but..." is foolish and counterproductive. I met an old coworker, a Thai teacher, the other day. She told us obvious lies, and we just pretended they were true. Reputation (face) is more important than results. Politicians are more openly corrupt, and almost everybody pays bribes. Obscene wealth obviously runs these countries. Profit is not their only motive. Democracy is literally foreign to them.

I still rail against these cultural norms in Thailand, but it works for them. I think it fails, but they think it works, so we agree we're not the same.
Telling the truth is fundemental in an information based economy. If you will not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it is impossible to undertake the kind of large scale highly creative projects necessary. Many studies have been done on this and it is one of the reasons the U.S. has such an advantage. It is also one ofthe reasons why Asia is bereft of real creativity.
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