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Full Version: Global warming, just the product of euro-girlie men panic?
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Is global warmong just the product of panic amongst the euro-girlie men?
you didn't provide a third choice.

The third choice should be "There is no such thing as global warming, the current warming of the earth is natural, but there is no evidence that we won't go into a cooling period again"
Yankeecat Wrote:Is global warmong just the product of panic amongst the euro-girlie men?
Sure, what else? :roll:
No American scientist ever supported this theory. :lol:

Time to pull your head out of whereever, or not yet, Yankeecat? 8)
The GW scare was really the brainchild of Margaret Thatcher and British Bureaucrats origionally. Go here, Global Warming: How It All Began Of course, she came to later regret her decision, but the fact that other bureaucrats grabbed ahold of it so readily really means that if not her, it would have eventually been some other burearcrat.

Quote:The hypothesis of man-made global warming has existed since the 1880s. It was an obscure scientific hypothesis that burning fossil fuels would increase CO2 in the air to enhance the greenhouse effect and thus cause global warming. Before the 1980s this hypothesis was usually regarded as a curiosity because the nineteenth century calculations indicated that mean global temperature should have risen more than 1°C by 1940, and it had not. Then, in 1979, Mrs Margaret Thatcher (now Lady Thatcher) became Prime Minister of the UK, and she elevated the hypothesis to the status of a major international policy issue.

Mrs Thatcher is now often considered to have been a great UK politician: she gave her political party (the Conservative Party) victory in three General Elections, resided over the UK’s conduct of the Falklands War, replaced much of the UK’s Welfare State with monetarist economics, and privatised most of the UK’s nationalised industries. But she had yet to gain that reputation when she came to power in 1979. Then, she was the first female leader of a major western state, and she desired to be taken seriously by political leaders of other major countries. This desire seemed difficult to achieve because her only experience in government had been as Education Secretary (i.e. a Junior Minister) in the Heath administration that collapsed in 1974. She had achieved nothing notable as Education Secretary but was remembered by the UK public for having removed the distribution of milk to schoolchildren (she was popularly known as ‘Milk Snatcher Thatcher’.)

Sir Crispin Tickell, UK Ambassador to the UN, suggested a solution to the problem. He pointed out that almost all international statesmen are scientifically illiterate, so a scientifically literate politician could win any summit debate on a matter which seemed to depend on scientific understandings. And Mrs Thatcher had a BSc degree in chemistry. (This is probably the most important fact in the entire global warming issue; i.e. Mrs Thatcher had a BSc degree in chemistry). Sir Crispin pointed out that if a ‘scientific’ issue were to gain international significance, then the UK’s Prime Minister could easily take a prominent role, and this could provide credibility for her views on other world affairs. He suggested that Mrs Thatcher should campaign about global warming at each summit meeting. She did, and the tactic worked. Mrs Thatcher rapidly gained the desired international respect and the UK became the prime promoter of the global warming issue.
I like that phrase, "Global warmong" but I guess you meant "Global warming mongers" and not warmongers. Oh, and that 'girlie-men' phrase is so cute! S2 My best friend in Thailand is a gay American physics teacher who could play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he's so big and strong. He thinks the earth is warming up, I think.

But thanks for option three, "I dunno." Always glad to vote along with the rest of the un-doctored ignoramuses. Couldn't the first two choices have been, "I think so" and "I don't think so, but maybe possibly"?