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Full Version: Iraq
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Reading the entire piece here,plus clicking on related material,it seems we're telling Maliki,either go after the Sadrists or we may leave. That is my take on all this. I don't know if he is afraid of them or is with them honestly.

I'm about done with Iraq and I think most everyone is. If we can't reign in the Shiite death squads,we have no chance of gaining Sunni affinity for the government and then the entire experiment is done. Maybe it is anyway. This seems the final shot for us and Iraq. If this doesn't move and soon,I think we'll start a phased withdrawal whether they are ready or not and they are NOT

Excerpt from that article
Quote:Both Washington and Baghdad charge Syria with doing to little to close its border with Iraq to foreign fighters, especially Al Qaeda operatives. Beyond that top members of Saddam Hussein's former regime have found safe haven in Syria, where they have operated freely in helping fund and organize the Sunni insurgency that is responsible for the vast majority of U.S. deaths in Iraq.

As for Iran, many of key figures in Iraq's now-dominant Shiite hierarchy spent years in exile there during Saddam's rule. One Shiite militia was trained by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard. Iran is known to fund that militia and one loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Both are believed deeply involved in the sectarian killing that is tipping Iraq toward all-out civil war.

And we are to expect that Iran and Syria will help to stabilize Iraq Shock

I don't and I cannot imagine any sane person who would UNLESS we had some awesome carrot to offer them.

Like us exiting the region or us attacking Israel for them.

Beyond those 2,there is nothing for us to offer them that would cause them to assist us.

Now,if we had the nuts of our forefather's and were willing to destroy both states and they believed that we would,why they might be willing to assist us in many ways.