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Full Version: Polemic on Iraq and the USA
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I tend to agree with this man. Except it's not only the problem of democrats,they're just further into denial than Repubs. We're fixing to abandon the people who stepped forward under our protective umbrella. We were before the democrats won. The "Iraq study Group" was Bush's way of leaving Iraq without it being his decision is all it was for,Gates was a member.

I agree with his analysis of the results of our leaving. We'll get a whole lot more war and pain in the future for avoiding some now. We never used the power we needed to win this war and we're failing in Afghanistan for all who don't keep up with Afghanistan. It has slipped out of control as well.

I suspect he is correct too. This will come back to haunt us far more than Vietman ever could have. What a tragedy.
Passing it off to the kids &grandkids,very honorable of us.

I spoke with my brother tonight and he shares the view we can exit and only suffer a tactical loss vis a vis Islam. I just don't think these people understand the mentality of Muslims.

Mike accuses Americans of never learning from mistakes(he says we can't change other's cultures and never learn which I agree with) BUT,to me he isn't learning about Islam and it's brainwashing effect on these people.

He's thinking like an American when he thinks we will suffer only tactical loss,IMO. I think we need to see this conflict as Muslims think,not Americans.