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Full Version: Islam- What a Religion
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I think it may be time the dad goes and shoots the Imam if he feels this way.

I would not mind if somebody shoots an Imam who is recruiting young men to do fighting without knowledge of their parents.
It might just be THE answer to this terrorism problem. Terrorize the terror mastermind himself.

Imagine your own kid commits suicide and you come to find out he was led astray by an Imam. I don't know how it is in Islam, does the Imam have such a high level of respect that anything he says goes even if mom&dad have taught otherwise?

In Christian doctrine,our pastors are to be respected if they are faithful,but the Bible makes it clear they are like the rest of us,sinful and fallible.
I think I said this many times before, but here is the saying Turks have about imams.

"If Imam passes gas, his congregation will defecate."

Therefore Imams should be well qualified and verified that they don't preach any extremist ideas. I think some Imams were hanged in Turkey during Ataturk era for trying to put wrong ideas on their congregation. However, now they just loose their certificate.
Islam is only the surface cover for deeper problems.

The Mideast has always been a violent region, particularly Iraq. It has been literally since the beginning of civilization. The early Mesopotamians had a dark, violent religion because of the constant invasions in that part of the world, the constant violence and social instability, and things haven't really changed much. That link you posted about all the different invasions and rulers in the Mideast says enough.

Islam is merely a reflection of the violence inherent in that part of the world, not the cause of it.
Palladin Wrote:I think it may be time the dad goes and shoots the Imam if he feels this way.

How about a Public Castration instead? Perhaps without anesthesia as well? Wink1

After all, the grandson was an adult, when he was subverted, and the imam was not legally guilty. But I believe that he should not be allowed to pass his genes on to the next generation.



Wrong,the region also hosted the Jews since about 2000 BC and the Jews history before and after(notice I left out during!!) the conquest of Canaan land( mostly modern Palestine) was one of reasonable fairness in society,rule of law,cleanliness standards that caused Jews to avoid Europe's black plague later on ,dietary laws your own cardiac specialist will place you on today under heart problem conditions,etc.

The region has not always had terrible culture.

Even the Arabs of Babylonia had one of the great societies of history relative to all others. Under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar,Babylon was a great empire of wealth and learning and just society compared to others.

Persia under King Cyrus was a great empire not only in reach,but in governance. These facts are both Biblically documented and impirically in secular history.

It simply is not true the region has always been this violent and inane. Nor has Europe been what you perceive today as rational,fair,etc.

Europe su.cked for much of it's existence . Neither view would be totally accurate.