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Full Version: U.S. begins growing new improved set of space balls
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Clearly the US is setting up defensive capability for orbital space. The fact that China has already announced it's extraterresterial intent, the US is quickly readying itself for a possible confrontation in the future within the Far East Theatre. And China is the one that has us concerned.

However, China has to leap many hurtles in the process, the biggest being it's fragile economy, AND it's top heavy system which promotes corruption and discourages initiative. I still expect the Chinese economy to begin winding down sooner rather than later. The system it uses cannot possibly sustain economic growth without falling on it's face.
I don't see it as having balls,any POTUS who would circumscribe our current space advantages would have to nearly be a traitor. This is just what he ought to do,we would be calling him an idiot otherwise,to me this doesn't deserve the medal of courage.

The medal of courage would be given if he simply told Israel& the world during the Hezzbollah thing,
We are hostile to Islamic fascists and as such,support Israel with no restrictions to kill all they possibly can or desire to.
I think we have already taken the high ground. The media with the attention span of a gnat forgets "star-wars" development since the early 80s.
It was simply given a nicer name oops
Consdiering the poltical climate yeah it took gonads.
No he does not deserve a medal.
He does not deserve to be demeaned either.
Star Wars has been on the cooking fire for a long time.

I didn't demean POTUS Bush,I simply stated if we're so subjective that a POTUS doing what is obviously common sense best for us is now to be given the medal of honor,we're cooked.

Most Americans agree with this decision,there is NO pressure on Bush not to do this except from over seas. They are meaningless.
I disagree that it took balls. Any president would have pressured to make the same decision.

It was inevitable.

I agree,even leftist democrats want this,I don;'t know what "pressure" Eagle is feeling,but it isn't emanating from Americans.

The votes for this are overwhelming in congress.