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Full Version: 60th Anniversary of the Clarke Orbit
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To catch JL's interest, it comes to the 60th anniversary of Arthur C Clarkes paper release that suggested that geo-stationary satellites could aid global communication. In order to surpass the horizon and the ionosphere which previously hampered radio signals, Mr. Clarke suggested "rocket stations" that could transmit over much broader areas of the earths surface.

Although, unintentionally, he never received any financial recognition for his invention...

Quote:Sir Arthur Clarke has been asked many, many times if he's miffed that his invention of the communications satellite concept in late 1945 never really paid him a penny. His standard reply is to laugh and explain that he did not believe his original vision would be realized for many decades, and then he concludes by saying, "But I still think it's a good idea!"

Here is a link to the original paper in pdf.
Maybe his idea of the space elevator will soon follow. He is definately a visionary.