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Full Version: Bob Geldof - Liberal with Integrity
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This guy is a good gent,IMO. He sees results,even with programs his milieu see as ludicrous. He cares more for the African life than ideology or friends it seems. Good on Bob.

Good point, Palladin. I used to get BBC TV here, and I saw a couple episodes of Geldorf's Africa series. As you mention, the man really has a good heart for the African people.

I'm not sure what this "no sex" program is. Is it just for the younger women and teenagers before marriage, or something much more? As Geldorf alluded to, part of the answer is safe sex, and marital fidelity. Surely an emphasis on "no sex" is better than unprotected sex.

In all honesty,I am not sure either. I am assuming it simply is teaching the young ladies NON MARRIED to think long and hard before having sex and probably the main cause celeb would be because you might die of AIDS if you do.

Modern secularists despise that message and Bob is one of them,but he has integrity,his own eyes have seen how it has saved some young African girls lives and so unlike the vast majority,he simply stands with the facts and truth and not his pre conceived notions.

His integrity is why I admire him,not many humans can honestly think outside their own ideology zone,so to speak. I've found this true with many conservatives as well as liberals also,it is human,not of a specific ideology.
I'm not going to say he's wrong, he may know something I don't. But there is some evidence that changing people's sense of morality is not the most cost-effective way to stop AIDS transmission. In the US, abstinance-only education has been shown to be not as effective in preventing teenage pregnancies as education that teaches people how to use condoms. In Thailand, they distubed condoms to sex workers, and managed to reduce transmission by 90% - among sex workers, who had nothing to do with this "no sex" message. Certainly many different approaches have merit, but I'm still not convinced that this approach doesn't get disproportionate support for political reasons.

The man has seen abd stated so with his own eyes lives saved by abstinence,it is astonishing to me that you feel MAYBE it's an erroneous thought or policy.

Would you care to explain how you value the life of an African girl lower than your ideology? I admire you humanitarian leftists. (Note sarcasm included).
Any evidence he could have seen would have to be anecdotal. I wouldn't doubt that sometimes lives are saved through abstinance - the question is whether that's the most efficient way to spend limited resources. To answer that, you'd have to see a more comprehensive sort of study.

1 live girl otherwise dead is worth more than your ideology. All you leftists apparently concern yourselves with is your views,whether or not they actually harm or help is almost meaningless based on these views.

Maybe some righties are this way,but not me.
Since none of us in this discussion are sure what Bob Geldorf's program is, we're discussing instead, abstinence from sex. We're talking about Africa, a continent we probably know little about; and we don't know what their moral ideas or practices are.

Abstinence is a great goal, especially prior to formal marriage by the religion or by the government, but kids don't wait. I raised all 6 of my kids to wait until marriage, and none of them did. Most cultures, ancient and modern, are patriarchal, dominated and run by elder males. When the man wants sex, he generally convinces the female to do it, the way the man wants. "Just say no" doesn't always work for powerless women and girls.

If my sources are correct, this Bush administration has insisted on foreign aid for reproductive health only going to programs that preach (yes, preach) abstinence before marriage, no condoms, and no abortions. That is not the way to prevent unwanted births, and it's not the best way to prevent STD's.

Bob Geldof has already seen it save lives. The man is a dedicated left wing save the world liberal activist. He disagrees with everything Bush stands for,BUT,he says this has saved young females lives in Africa.

Why would you doubt his witness,the man is probably closer to your way of thinking than 99% of all humanity???
Palladin Wrote:b5b,

1 live girl otherwise dead is worth more than your ideology. All you leftists apparently concern yourselves with is your views,whether or not they actually harm or help is almost meaningless based on these views.

Maybe some righties are this way,but not me.
You were the one who brought ideology into this, not me - look at the thread title.

I never should have gotten involved.

You started this thread. Bob Geldorf is a fine gentleman, a nice liberal, loves Africa, has saved counless lives through this program, etc. I agreed with that. But we don't know what we're talking about, do we? We both admitted we don't know, already.

What is Geldorf's life-saving program? Is it abstinence before marriage, safe sex, changing the attitude and behavior of the men, is it feminist power - what is the program? Why does it work? How do we know how effective it is? Is it an anti-AIDS program?

The initial post was an article where Bob stated the program funded by the USA relating to abstinence is working. So,I feel I know what's going on there,I read the article I posted.

Leftists think programs like that are imbecilic and so did Bob,but he has seen lives saved and is honest enough to admit he was wrong.

It's integrity. that's why I admire the guy,not his humanism. His integrity is what impressed me,it's rare on all sides of the ideological divide.
Oh, okay, integrity. Good; I thought we were trying to talk about a sex program we knew nothing about which. Yes, Geldorf is a liberal with lots of integrity. Maybe Bono is. And McCain risked his career as a Republican candidate last month, to campaign against the unthinkable: blessing American torture of prisoners. Men of integrity; hard to find; a rare breed especially in politics and entertainment.

I see Bono in the same basic way. He hates almost everything(to the point of nausea he said honestly) George Bush does and believes in,BUT,he honestly stated that GW Bush has done more for AIDS victims and potential victims in Africa than all other humanity combined,period.

That is integrity. Because it is TRUE. It's an unknown story no one cares about,including 99% of leftist humanists. Their ego and ideology are way more important than half a billion Africans perishing of this scourge over time.
Yes. Speaking of Bono, if you can find his speech at a White House prayer breakfast, it's funny. He like keeps pinching himself, as if to say, "I can't believe I'm here!" Reasonable humble, too. And when he went on a tour of Africa with the US Sec'y of the Treasury, Bono really knew his subject matter.

That illustartes my point here. Bono has his ideology,but he cares more for these people than his own EGO.

Most people do not. Bono,incidentally,is a fellow believer in Christ of ours. Don't know about Geldof.