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Full Version: Quaker thinks Iran's president won't build nuclear bombs
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A Christian pacifist organization of Quakers, which specializes in anti-proliferaton of nuclear weapons and in their disarmament, sat down with a certain person who apparently thinks nuclear weapons are IMMORAL. Well, on that score alone, the Iranian president is in the good company of the opinions of many Christians, including Pope John Paul II and Billy Graham.

Here's the last part of his report, which is posted on

But when he spoke about issues that I cover, the nuclear weapons issues, what struck me is that the Iranian president was offering a reasonable basis for real negotiations. Since Ahmadinejad took office, Iran has been backing away from permitting full inspections of its nuclear program. But I think this is a bargaining stance to start negotiations. Iran wants to have full rights for civilian nuclear energy, including nuclear enrichment. Iranian leaders also want some kind of assurance that the United States will not bomb their country.

The day I left Washington to go to New York for this meeting, I attended a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The contrast was striking. Nicholas Burns, the number three official at the State Department, spent most of that hearing lobbing what I can only describe as rhetorical hand grenades at Iran. In his first State of the Union address, President Bush described Iran as part of the "axis of evil." That's still the approach of some in the U.S. government.

But what is even more striking is the pride U.S. officials take in insisting they will not even talk to Iran. Nicholas Burns, in his testimony this week to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made a point of saying he has never met with an Iranian government official. Now here is a man who has been part of the U.S. foreign service for decades, and he made a point of pride that he had never met with any Iranian official. If the U.S. continues to insist that no dialogue is possible with Iran, then war is the likely alternative.

David Culp is a lobbyist for the Friends Committee on National Legislation's Quaker Nuclear Disarmament Program. He can be reached at (202)903-2517 or FCNL, the oldest registered religious lobby in Washington, is a non-partisan Quaker lobby in the public interest. FCNL works with a nationwide network of tens of thousands of people from every state in the U.S. to advocate for social and economic justice, peace, and good government. For more information:

The complete article by David Culp is at

Oh, and if the Quaker Christian pacifists are too liberal for you, here's the Mennonite point of view, from MCC, of the same meeting, hosted by MCC:

If you don't believe in pacifism, and you have not gotten two doctorates and the agreement of ten more learned professors, you believe in the Just War Theory. It is impossible, by that theory, to have a just war if you have not honestly and earnestly sought a non-violent solution to the problem by exhausting diplomatic means.
Ok, either this Iranian threat topic is the greatest hoax of this century with most of the world, or it is with you and others of your persuasion Fit'. I'll err on the side of caution.

Question: what will you and the others, who met AchmeDinnerJacket, do if and when he proves you wrong, and manages to get someone to light the nuclear fire under a place, such as Israel, Rome, Paris, or some other high population center? Will you say OPPS, we were mistaken? Will you let it go at that?
Here's my "just war" doctrine.

Kill the enemy so fast your head is left swimming.

Any other view means we're prepared to sacrifice our people on the altar of being nice to theirs.

Just for the record,Iran's elected leader has openly called for a holocaust of Israeli Jews.
Not that this means anything special,just thought I would throw that in there.
THAT is the man and the nation these "pacifists" desire to be protected.

What would be the intellectual position of the Quakers and Thai to the assault the USA joined in on against Nazi Germany? The same as this one,it was evil.