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Full Version: President Bush called them out
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...I truly am amazed that no comment has been made here about our President's speech yesterday at the UN.

I'm so proud he layed it out.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory ....." No not yet. Keep the instruments in their cases.

If these idiots and midgets don't wise up, there is plenty of time to crank up the band.

If the world is not quite ready for freedom, and dignity, and liberty...

If the terrorists are not quite ready to choose life, liberty and the vocation of caring...

If the world still thinks there is some equivalency between President Bush calling for liberty, and idiots calling for slavery...

...The band will begin playing soon enough.

(For those of you who are not U.S. citizens, the musical piece I keep referring to is the "Battle Hymn Of The Republic." I suggest you look it up and read the words.)

Once that song begins, the thugs and dictators of the earth have numbered days on earth.
Ken Bean
I'm going to try to make a copy/paste here. If Iscrew it up, search Yahoo under battle hymn of the republic. You will hear the music and read the words in "cyberhymnal"...the first listing on my computer.
Ken PS Americans turn up your speakers!!!!!!!!!

GW is intellectually and morally squared away on this conflict,there we agree.

My fear is not that he will "go wobbly",but that God's People in America will not find God handling our problems for us,rather He may be using the evil Muslims to punish as.

I can point out several chapter studies in the OT whereby God used the more evil to punish His people because they had for so long blown off God's Word AFTER salvation. I can point out to all concerned in Scripture where it is God's people,not unbelievers,who cause destruction on their land.

Israelites were often hammered by the enemy because Christ ,who controls all human history ,allowed it as a form of justice,which He never overlooks. It's part of His character.

I cannot know where the level of national virture stands right now to be able to state who prevails in this contest.
Palladin Wrote:Ken,

Israelites were often hammered by the enemy because Christ ,who controls all human history ,allowed it as a form of justice,which He never overlooks. It's part of His character.

Does your comment applies to pre Christ history?
Ahhh, Palladin

Fear not.

In our own civil war, the yankees as individuals were scoundrels enough, but their CAUSE was just. It truly was, and I speak as a native Texan.

You and I both know that Christ handled that war, though so so many fine young men...on both sides... met God early as a result of that war.

What the idiot muslim fanatics have not quite figured out yet, is that WITH ALL OUR FAULTS, our cause is just in these days.

These idiots cannot imagine...listen to me...they cannot in their wildest imagination, conceive of an entire free people...saying ENOUGH!!!!!

They cannot in their wildest dreams imagine how our country was formed...and maintained...through blood and guts and gore...VOLUNTARILY!

One day in the not too distant future, the idiots are going to cross the "unbearable line". The same line that those passengers crossed on the jet that crashed it in a field once they understood the reality of their situation.
These muslim fanatics don't have a clue about OUR fanatics who will live free or die. (Heh, I'm one of them).
You are probably one of us too, but keep in mind that most of us just build our lives and follow the rules, more quietly than me.

...The "Battle Hymn" was written on the morning of the bloodiest day of our history.
Let me be blunt take a snapshot!!!!!!!!!!
" awwwwww sheit!tt I've got better things to do than stomp roaches this morning. (shelunk shelunk) load the old shotgun...etc etc."

...Fortunately in these days we have a President who "gets it". Maybe the next election we won't. I'm really too old to run and duck very well, but you know, even the worst President we could elect will be forced to call for volunteers if things should go in the toilet.

Heh, I'll tell you when to lock and load..."when the newsies "get it".
They don't have a clue these days, but the day when a newscast begins with the "battle hymn".....lock and load.

You will have a couple of hundred million armed, committed "Christian Fanatics" standing beside you.
We won't be dreaming lies about virgins in paradise, either. We will be just be putting our hineys on the line to END these idiots, in hope of a just verdict from God.

...and if not...we die. We gonna' die anyway, soon....and meet the same Creator.

These islamist fanatics will meet the same Creator. OOPS!
I'm content to let HIM sort it out...after we kick their arses up to HIM.
Kamil, God love you.
You are seemingly caught in a "split".
Tradition (only) whispers that Jesus, the unique emmanence of God on earth to give us a bridge to HIM, spent three days in "the place of waiting" after his crucifixion, to ask all the pre-Christ humans to make a simple choice. The choice was to "Love one another as I have loved you since the founding of the earth...or and My Father...and your fellow mankind."
Jesus was either who he said he was...or a hopeless lunatic......yet two thousand years of psychotherapy has never found better answers to the life-questions the man answered.

I personally will live and die trusting in his words. He never killed one human life. We believe he could have called ten thousand angels to slaughter the world, but he layed down his life as an example instead.

He was not a homicide bomber. No one else died that afternoon except him, and the two convicts on crosses beside him.

We Christians, (of knowledge), understand that we are only adopted children. The "blood" children, (Israel) fell on their arse as the light of the world. The Creator of the universe stepped into history to allow the Israelis free to worship honestly and pass the word to the other peoples of the earth. They screwed it up, held the light under a basket, and have suffered as a people for two thousand years as a result.
Their closest kin, (arabs), finally discovered one "Creator" what? seven hundred years later?
What a broken "vessel" Mr. Mohammed proved to be.
The God of the Universe taught mercy and caring and justice for three thousand years...then changed His mind???????????????????




I'm sorry, Kamil. Either the creator of the universe is the personhood we both pray to...and may HIS boss get peeved if some other jerk changes his mind in mid-stream...or we have nothing to discuss. If yours can manage to kill mine, so be it. If mine can get off our hineys and kill yours off first, then we will.
We are the best killers the world has ever known. We are also the best friends the world has ever known...and we have proven it over and over and over and over and over again.

If "Allah" is in fact the same personhood as the personhood we call "God", (Creator of The Universe) then one of our faiths is stupid. He told US to only fight in self defense or in defense of innocents, or women and children. Evidently, some of your people think he told you to "KILL OR ENSLAVE EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T KISS YOUR FEET."

Our country was born in blood and gun-powder. We have been napping for a while, but check with Japan, or Germany, or Russia, if your people think we are over the hill and senile.

The examples I can document from the Bible are what we Christians call "pre - Incarnate" Christ. In other words,He has always existed as the Son of God in Deity,but there was a time in human history where he assumed the humanity as we have it (minus the old sin nature)as Jesus of Nazareth and substituted Himself in our place to pay for our sins on a cross,that was the old promise starting way back after Adam and Eve sinned and to Abraham.

The doctrine I have mentioned to Ken here is a thread throughout the Old Testament(which is before Jesus of Nazareth was born as a human),that Christ will allow HIS people to be disciplined by even more evil people not of Christ at certain times.
In fact,I can document where it teaches that He will strengthen the non Christian to assault the Christian nation(I am using the term Christian for all humans in human history who have believed in Messiah,not just since Jesus was on earth) at certain times to discipline His people.

I can document WHY He has to do this to us. The Integrity of Christ is without compromise is the Why without getting too theological.

The Bible teaches we Christians are NOT exempt from His Justice on earth(we are in eternity) if we choose to ignore His Word after we believe in Him.
So,whereas I "think" Ken takes the view that God in His perfect Righteousness and Justice will not allow evil extremist Islamic terrorists to prevail over us(or pagan Nazi Germany or Japan for example),that is not what the Scriptures teach.

He MIGHT or MIGHT NOT,based on the level of Divine Virtue stored collectively in the souls of His people within the nation. It is not as simple as "Well,we worship Christ,therefore He will not permit those who don't to crush us".

There are several examples where He did just that to His people,Israel.

Habakkuk actually asked The Lord this very question,"How can you allow the more evil to harm the less evil" ?That is MY vernacular,but it is in Habakkuk Chapter 1 starting with verse 12. Christ answered him in Chapter 2.

The Bible teaches that nations with Christians are preserved OR destroyed based on the level of adherence we believers have to Christ's Word. Unbelievers do not factor into this judgement on earth,if America declines,you are free to blame it on we believers in Christ and our infidelity to His Word.

Incidentally,this very same doctrine applies to other nations. IF the few Christians inside Iraq suddenly took consistently and with perserverance to His Word,Christ would heal Iraq . They do not have to be a majority for the doctrine to be in place.

It is called blessing by association. I in fact have prayed they will as I have for my own countrymen.
Palladin read above, FEAR NOT! theses idiots can't bring on Armeggeddon.
They are too stupid. lol
Well, I must change my adjective, Palladin. It isn't that they are too stupid...but that they try to fight a "war" with the tools we invented, instead of a simple sword...that they can understand and maintain themselves.
They can cause a world of needless suffering, but they can never defeat us...right up to the day we stomp the grapes.