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Full Version: Convert To Islam To Live
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One could argue forever,but I bet it is common place belief in most Arab regions that Mohammad did write these letters. In fact,for all I know,Mohammad DID write these letters. It's another example of why I see the religion as evil,not just the goofballs.


Here are a couple of other reasons


This one is sickening,police in a formerly great Christian oriented nation now have to patrol Churches due to the presence of Muslims allowed into their nation,they'll start this in parts of America I'm afraid

I say we should pick up the Pope's challenge to Muslims: convert to Christianity! Discard dishonor and a failed culture and come to the goodness and light.
Actually, it wasn't so much a challenge as an acknoledgement that spreading religion at the point of a sword constitutes evil. Characterized as an 'unfair' accusation ... to which they have responded by slaughtering a nun and demanding that the Pope be beheaded. :roll:

Quote:But let us not dare suggest that even a whiff of intolerance can be detected in the Islamic world. If you say otherwise, I will cut off your head.