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Full Version: Have Youall Noticed the Angry Pictures?
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I suppose the newsies do it on purpose, but when I picture "the muslim street", everybody has their mouth open yelling curses at us. Have you guys noticed that?

God help us all... Somebody is going to strike up the band one of these days and begin playing "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic".

All bets are off if/when that occurs. I keep hearing in my mind the phrase that says..."trampling out the vinyards(vintage?) where the grapes of wrath are stored..."

Grapes of wrath...

That is what I see when I watch fanatics on the screen and in photos.

Back during the so-called "Cold War" it got very HOT, quite often.
It cost us a lot to "contain" the empire of communism. Greece, Africa, Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan are some prime examples. (But no one cranked up the band thank goodness.) We simply took care of business, knowing that at least the leaders of our enemy had something to loose.

These days, we are at war with those who would impose the "empire" of the Caliphate upon us. They are a different shape of enemy than we have faced before. It seems that the only thing that motivates them is anger or perhaps anger combined with "religious zeal" ?
Perhaps that "religious zeal" is akin to the Inquisition which I think was perhaps the darkest stain in the history of Catholicism.

Somehow, the Roman Church got confused in their mission in the world, and moved to control the political goings on, rather than concentrating on the source of the true power of the Gospel.

One final thought. "Gospel" means the "Good News" of the Prince of Peace.
I wonder what "word" signifies "Caliphate". "BAD NEWS"?