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Full Version: Why we need no more safety and observation
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I'm reading a pretty good book at the moment, Brown's 'Digital Fortress'. NSA has a great computer there that can decipher all decoded emails, a fine weapon against criminals, terrorist, spies, tax sinners. Some programmer invents a code that makes emails undecipherable, NSA is not amused.
I guess, in reality too, it has long been standart to read our mails indiscriminately, to eavesdrop our telephones, always on the search to find out what our secrets are. Bush did it not long ago, had his men eavesdrop on billions of phonecalls. He got away with it in this general patriotic drunkenness that America is obsessed with.
Most of us are law-abiding people, should governments be allowed to observe us indiscriminatly? In order to find the occassional felon?
Personally, I don't think so. One must be able to keep secrets secret. One must have the chance to cheat the taxman and insurances, after all, they cheat us too the worst way there is, legally. One must have a chance get away with the occasional speeding and drunken driving, a joint or not so usual sexual practises. Maybe as long as violence is not involved or no other people you can point at are harmed.
The reason why we must avoid more observation is, the worst criminals or promoters of criminality are our very governments, who have countless times proven they are not to be trusted.
Drugs, Afghanistan, controlled by the NATO lead by America, produces 90% of the world's heroin. Nothing is done against it, the harvest grows every year.
A thing that brings me to rage, patriotism. I don't grasp its concept, decent young men and women sacrifice their unique lifes. Not only this, they leave a bottomless hole in the lifes of their loved ones. What for? The sake of their country? No. For the sake of the lowest, most egoistic, nastiest criminal minds a country has to offer, people who themselves would never sacrifice anything.
Tax sinners. A fine example is the PM of the country I live in, sold his multiple billion company to a Signaporean conglomerate, by bending the law avoiding taxes. No trouble for the PM, he's immune, above the law. The trigger of the constant demonstrations against him.
Taxes one more, German federal elections last year. One party suggested a VAT rise from 16% to 18%, all other parties "no rise whatsoever, that's poison to our economy". That one party got 35% of the vote, 65% were against the rise. First thing the new government, including one party that got equal 35% for the promise not to change that tax, was a VAT rise to 19%. F****ng cheaters.
One can make endless lists with examples where governments or private enterprises cheated us, therefore, they must never be given the opportunity to monitor us more but rather less than they do now. Otherwise, you will quickly learn how your secrets are abused against you.