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Full Version: Be Not Afraid
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Author is a Catholic permanent ordained deacon in Nashville and a member of the US Army. His objectivity is refreshing and is lacking in almost all the intellectual inputs of the west to include the USA

Palladin, thank you for this link. I think it speaks very clearly to the issues we are facing in these days.
Quote:It is the Muslims who respond to criticism of violence with violence.
Palladin, are you still sure Turkey must be in EU? S2
I must wonder if Turks still have dreams of empire tucked away in their little hearts and memories of glory days past. We would do well to remember that Turkey was once the center of the most corrupt, stifling empire in history, and ruled Muslim peoples with an iron fist and crushing taxes/tribute.
Quote:Rosie O’Donnell recently commented there is more to fear from fundamentalist Christians than from Islamo-Fascist terrorist groups and states.

I heard audio clips of her comments.

The Fat Pig (that's my affectionate nickname for Rosie) doesn't seem to realize that if she was in Iran, Pakistan, or (possibly) Afghanistan she would be stoned to death. Does anybody know what they do to lesbians in Saudi Arabia? Stoning or Beheading?


I differentiate between Turks and Arabs. Most Turks are not religious.

In fact,most Asian Muslims are not religious,with the obvious 2 exceptions of Afghans and Pakis.

It's not my business BH,I was just stating an opinion. Turks are going to live in the EU whether they are formall accepted as a state or not,because ethnic Euros stopped having children and Turks haven't.
Quote:We hold the high ground - we believe in individual liberty, we believe in religious tolerance, we believe in women’s rights, we believe in a narrow window for the just use of war - and we should not be afraid to stand tall and to express our outrage at the insane reactions we are seeing across the Muslim world.
Goodness and light.
Palladin Wrote:BH,

I differentiate between Turks and Arabs. Most Turks are not religious.
Palladin, let's say their society is secular, but it doesn't mean Turks aren't religious. And their reaction on Pope's words is enough expressive.

BTW, a lot of Arabs have secular society as well, Tunis for example. Iraq was enough secular before... S2
I differentiate between Turks and Arabs but rather in favor of some Arabs, who live in their own countries, not in EU.

Well,like I stated,it isn't my business,I have no vote and if I did I am not 100% sure which way I would go. I lean to saying they would be better in the club than out right now because I think Turks will populate Europe as ethnic Europeans die out whther they're in as a state or not long term.