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Full Version: Elections in German states, Neo Nazis back
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The far right is back in the East German state of Mecklenburg. There is a drift in German politics towards the far right and far left, following the termination of the social pact by the capital. For many decades, the two big centre left (social democrats) and centre right (christian deomcrats) parties dominated elections with regularly 90% of the vote combined. Bogus opponents, offering very much the same politics, just different sets of politicians to vote for.
At the federal election last year, the great 'people parties' won combined less than 70%. In the states, they collect regularly less than 60% now. The near future will surely bring more 'grand coalitions' of them, but they could eventually slide below 50% combined and be forced to coalitions with the postcommunists or neo nazis. Some of them already existed in minor states. Seems, as if the quiet, calculable years of German politics are coming to an end. Greed has a price tag for the capital too.
I wonder what religion those Neo Nazis follow?
None but anti immigrant. A pure protest party to give the establishment one in the eye.
quadrat Wrote:None but anti immigrant. A pure protest party to give the establishment one in the eye.

Heck, no.

NDP has been around for a very long time, protest parties don't last for decades. And anti-immigrant is only a part of it.

NDP is generally successful in former East Germany, where despite the reunification there are a plenty of social problems and high unemployment. There are some obvious parallels between the situation there now and the Great Depression which gave a boost to NSDAP.

Anyway, 7.5% support is impressive, and apparently in some areas it was 15%.

Deutchland, Deutchland, uber alles... Wink1

PS. There is an analysis article on the Guardian site that gives you some details on the elections.

Someday you'll figure out,almost no Europeans are Christians. It's not a CULTURAL thing you are born into,it is a faith in the fact of Jesus of Nazareth actually being God. Not that many folks BELIEVE this.

Ask these Europeans for yourself,Christ is not revered there. These people are almost all atheists and agnostics. Probably in the next generation,Islam will be by far the largest religion in Europe.
heck, yes. NPD has been around for a while, so have DVU and Republikaner in the western and southern states, they avoid competition amongst themselves. Those two are somewhat drowned at present, but surely come back. At one election they get 0,5% and at the next 8% and then guaranteed again 0,5%, because anti-immigrant is their only agenda. For seats in a parliament, a party must get 5% or more.

Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles has been abandoned long ago, it's Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit. (unity, law, freedom). Wink1 Same nonsense.