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Full Version: Iran-Iraq fighting?
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From MENL:

Quote:BAGHDAD [MENL] -- In an escalation of tensions, Iran has shelled Iraq and captured seven of its soldiers.

Iraqi officials said Iran and Iraq have been fighting along their mutual border. They said the Iran Army fired artillery shells into Iraq last week and captured seven soldiers northeast of Baghdad.

On Saturday, the Iraqi Defense Ministry reported the Iranian capture of seven members of an Iraqi border patrol. The ministry said the Iraqis were detained while they were stationed at the Hankin border terminal near Haila. The ministry said an investigation has been launched.

Iran has acknowledged fighting along the border. The state-owned Iranian news agency Irna said on Sept. 7 that Iran captured seven Iraqi soldiers who crossed into Iran's Ilam province.

Usually MENL is a reliable source.
That was in Diyala Province where my buddy operated a while back.

It is north west of Baghdad bordering Iran.

Unfortunately for our info,he ain't there now.