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Full Version: Subjectivity of America
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You think Curtis E. LeMay would have even asked for permission to drop these people?


Michael Yon is afraid we're going to lose this place and I think he's right. About 10 years after we started,we'll end up with more terrorism than when we started as Bush's critics have stated,but for the opposite reason they think. Bush is too soft and they think he's too rough.
Yeah, I had already read this at another place. Question: would followers of Islam have done the same with their enemies, had they the chance to take out some many leaders? And, they even observe this civilized behaviour to their own fellow muslims with which they are fighting?

Of course they would not have. I credit them with 1 thing,objectivity in trying to accomplish their goals,however delusiuonal and evil their hearts may be.

Read this and see if you cannot discern further impirical evidence the GWOT is collapsing,no one fears the USA anymore and for excellent reason,we're not fearful to our enemy