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Full Version: Turkey and It's Handling of Internal Critics
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This article is something that should be checked out, because the editors of the American Spectator think that this may help keep Turkey out of the EU. While I think this attempt at stiffling Any form of criticism to Turkishness a serious violation of ones rights, I don't believe that this will be one of the deciding factors. That does not mean that it will not be used by those opposed to Turkey's entry. After all, anyone who denys the Holocaust is subject to going to jail, in several European countries already. So, which kettle would be calling which pot black?
Elif Shafak Case Dropped
Charges against renowned Turkish writer and Zaman columnist Elif Shafak for “degenerating Turkishness” in her book “The Bastard of Istanbul” were dropped Thursday morning. »»
Aparantly international outrage does help.
Turkishness is a weird description of a Turk.

Seems the charge was she saw the Armenian thing like Armenians and not like the Turks. If she believes that(regardless of which side is representing the truth) she has her own integrity.

Myself,I see that question as in between the 2 sides,neither is entirely innocent while there are plenty of victims,most Armenian,but not all.
John L Wrote:Aparantly international outrage does help.

Well John, also almost all the Turkish media supported her for expressing her opinions without fear of persecution.

Palladin,you are correct in your evaluation of the historical events.
I guess this court decision does not judge the correctness of her statements, but her right to make these statements even if she is wrong.

Yes,it is important we allow those we disagree with open forums. These boards here would be meaningless if everyone had to always agree with each post.

I think the Turk government made the right call there.