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Full Version: Moderate Muslims Still Make Threats
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OK,everyone pay attention. I and say 10 million fellow Christians will start murdering your mothers and your children and maybe even YOU if you ridicule either us or our faith's objective. Do you guys accept this threat as legitimate and intend to change your ways? That would be coercion if you did. To be safe,I am JOKING.

THIS is exactly what I have meant about the west cowering before Islam in the next century,not that they literally will have Abdullah Madullah as our leader,but we will bow down to their desires. Recall also the same basic comments of the Muslim Miss Universe contestant recently. These are moderates.

Who appointed this Bari guy as the voice of Moderate Moslems?

He is considered to be a Communist by most Moslems.

I don't know,but his claims that my pointing out what I see as Islamic falsities causes Muslims to murder my kids is a threat and a lie.It requests I stop it or see possibly loved ones murdered.

Certainly,if has Marxist views,he is hardly an Islamic radical,yet he' serves the role with his veiled threats,"Shut the up about our religion or die".

PI.SS on that attitude.
Pall, please do not make it easier for these islamic loosers. Let them take their best shot and fail.

Please read my article on "Vote smart".