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Full Version: Roots of Islamic Terrorism
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An interesting article about the roots of Islamic Terrorism was posted at the forum site that I help to moderate. Below is a short excerpt from that article. The rest of the article is at:

Quote:Roots of Islamic Terrorism: How Communists Helped Fundamentalists
Antero Leitzinger - 9/11/2006
This article traces the roots of Islamic terrorism, with special focus on Afghanistan. Notes are added on practical and philosophical problems of world media in finding the right track. From systematic errors in revealing little details, to serious misconceptions about basic facts and principles, we can relatively easily learn how much of "common knowledge" rests actually on superficial research and popular myths. Instead of becoming critical and aware of the traps laid around the issue, both Islamists and Islamophobes fail to recognize how they are manipulated.
The whole article is the night soil of a male ox.

Islamic terrorism simply needs to be killed. End of story.

Kill each and every perpetrator...and let God sort 'em out.
I think this author focuses too much on what I would call "enablers of terrorism".

The genesis of modern Islamic oriented terrorism starts with the ideology,mentality of Qutb,the Egyptian Islamist. His writings are of tremendous influence on these people,he was the numero Uno intellectual. Current Islamist writings expand on his views.

You can do a search on Qutb easily. His radicalism began when he visited the United States of America in the 1940s.

He developed a view that Islamic peoples had become apostates,that all governance outside of sharia was evil/satanic,thus it all had to be replaced. There's an Arabic word he kept using that meant "apostate/bereft of virtue" to describe all governance that was not sharia.

He went haywire during his USA visit. He felt the USA was unbelievably evil and disgusting. Keep in mind,we're talking the 1940s.

This is why it is a chimera to hope that Muslims can come here and we influence them positively. WRONG,it works the other way around.

They become radical seeing our society.

It so contrasts with the bizarre notions of conservative Islam.

Qutb began the Muslim brotherhood.
The author states that Yuri Andropov, came to head the KGB in 1967 - was a raging anti-Semite, and funded terrorist-agitators around the world, causing terrorism to become a politically-sponsored device. Some of this is true, but doesn't do much to help us understand Islamo-Nazis.
Ken was right:
Quote:Isn't freedom of speech wonderful? Laughing

Any idiot can write just about anything about anybody.
For the guys here who are roughly around 50 years old or older,see if this sounds right.

The conservative Americans viewed Islamic terrorism as basically a state sponsored phenomenon. Take down that state,terror goes away. Claire Sterling and some other excelent authors of the 1980s saw the USSR as the reason for Islamic terrorism for example. The idea was well received in conservative circles.

The leftist American viewed Islamic terrorism as related primarily to the Israeli/Palestinian fight. Get rid of the Jews in Israel and Islamic terrorism is a thing of the past. Tons of writings on that subject.

The truth is,neither were accurate. I admit,I accepted the conservative view back in the 80s and 90s.

The truth is Islamic terrorism is motivated not by cooked up propaganda,not by funding/training from various external/third parties,it is motivated,driven and conducted because various Muslims have come to accept the Sayyid Qutb view of Islamic governments,Infidel influence and what can they do about both.

I think we all need to read Qutb's works. Then,refine them further with later writings of various intellectuals within the Islamic world. The latter day terrorist has added on to Qutb's dreams the post Red Army victory euphoria and the caliphate resonates as much closer of a goal than with Qutb,who saw that as afar off.

Here is a starter on Qutb,the father of Islamic terrorism


I wonder if he and Atta were related. His, and Atta's inability to act around women are the common thread. It seems that one of the underlying attributes of radical Islamists is their 'strange behaviour' with regards to the opposite sex. If you add the culture of Islam, how women are enslaved, the number of sexually disfunctional Islamic males would naturally be Very High. It seems that they are continually attempting to prove their maleness, mostly to themselves. I can see where a muslim psychologist will be THE profession to pursue.