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Full Version: Bye, Tony
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The first of the warmongers on freedom and democracy is about to go
A citizen of London is photographed or videographed about 300 times every day already. Each step is monitored. Confidentiality, privacy will become forgotten concepts.
Americans, get ready for the same treatment.
This news doesn't surprise me any -- Blair has been sinking in the polls right along with President Bush. This is what both of them get for not having any concrete plans for restructuring Iraq in the proper way!

From my outlook, look for a non-cooperative UK after the actual resignation of Tony (The hints I have been reading is sometime in 2007 -- perhaps May) After the resignation, look for George Bush's poll numbers to sink even lower. I suspect another resignation from his cabinet too -- perhaps even Rumsfeld himself!
Yes, it is too bad Tony Blair is stepping down, but he has been a good and honest friend to the U.S. and good people everywhere.
Yes,we have our Marxist crew lamenting a British leader who thought basically along the lines of Churchill before him. Or Thatcher.

If only Karl Marx could rule the world we'd have heaven on earth!
Quote:Yes, it is too bad Tony Blair is stepping down, but he has been a good and honest friend to the U.S. and good people everywhere.
You are mistaken. Right wingers are the bad guys. Warmongers, demagogues, hate groups. No matter whether they believe in God or Allah, fight for the capital or Bin Laden. You personally are the same kind of bigot as a fanatic terrorist.
Anyway, enjoy your self-deception.
Sorry, it has always been Leftists, like Hitler and Stalin, who start wars to conquer others. The Left MUST conquer in order for collectivism to work. With those on the Right, Laissez-Faire works best with Free Enterprise.

Of all the wars the U.S. was forced into, usually in order to protect others who were brutally attacked, can you think of any nations that were beaten into submission and forced to be slave states of the U.S.? Even in countries that asked our armed forces to leave a small detachment behind to make their enemies think twice before launching more aggression against them, the only tribute we ever asked for were small plots of land where we could bury our dead.

Really,what Quad is saying is that everyone except a Marxist type is the same,we're all evil people. Islamic terrorists or Christian gentleman,no difference.

This phenomenon is not rare on earth today,William. Many Americans share this man's moral confusion.