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Full Version: Israel is No 1 threat to peace, says EU poll
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Israel is No 1 threat to peace, says EU poll
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels
(Filed: 04/11/2003)

Europeans view Israel as the No 1 threat to world peace, ahead of Iran and North Korea, according to a European Commission survey yesterday.

The results prompted a furious reaction from the Israeli government, which has already accused the European Union of turning a blind eye to rising anti-Semitism.

The Eurobarometer poll of 7,500 EU residents found that 59 per cent deemed Israel "a threat to peace in the world", with the figures rising to 60 per cent in Britain, 65 in Germany, 69 in Austria and 74 in Holland.

Franco Frattini, Italy's foreign minister, apologised for the results on behalf of the EU, saying they sent "a false signal" and would not shape Middle East policy.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre said the poll was proof that Europe has swallowed the media's vilification of Israel "hook, line and sinker". The EU has long been accused by hardliners in America and Israel of tilting to the Arab side.

The list of 15 countries that might be a threat to peace was put together by a low-level EU unit in concert with Belgian members of EOS Gallup Europe. It was not cleared by foreign policy experts working for Chris Patten, the external relations commissioner. "We had nothing to do with it," said his spokesman.

In a twist that left analysts scratching their heads, the poll suggested that the British have turned against Washington even more sharply than the French or Germans. Asked if America posed a threat to peace, the "yes" response was 55 per cent in Britain, 52 in France and 45 in Germany.

In Greece, the figure reached 88 per cent, with 96 per cent calling the Iraq war "unjustified". But the EU itself is deemed a threat to peace by 18 per cent in Britain compared with eight per cent for the whole union. Only Denmark continues to back the Iraq war.

In Britain, a comfortable majority still thinks that the Government should keep troops in Iraq now that the country is committed. While the Dutch were the most worried about Israel, they were also alarmed by America, North Korea, Pakistan and China.

"This is the strangest poll I've ever seen. The Dutch have always been very pro-Israel and so I ask myself how can this possibly be?" said Ben Van Der Velde, European editor for the Rotterdam-based newspaper Handelsblad.

The poll was part of a regular series by the commission's press service and was intended to investigate views on the Iraq crisis.

Gallup questioned 500 people in each EU state - the same for 82 million Germans and 350,000 in Luxembourg - although the final results were "weighted".

The Israeli embassy in Brussels blamed the anti-Israel mood on reckless reporting by the European media, saying: "We are not only sad but outraged. Not at European citizens but at those who are responsible for forming public opinion."

The World Jewish Congress said Europe's elites had been playing with fire by routinely treating Israel as the Middle East villain.

In a recent case, Gretta Duisenberg, the wife of the departing president of the European Central Bank, called the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank worse than Nazi rule in Holland. Almost all of Holland's 100,000 Jews were exterminated by the Germans.

Results of the poll has been published in almost all major media in Europe, here is a link to one of these newspapers:
I do not place much in this poll for one major reason. The very fact that Europeans 'feel' Isreal to be the greatest threat is laughable. Any country that is strong enough to successfully defend itself, is certainly less a threat, unless it is dedicated to offensive action. And clearly Israel is built around "Defense".

What is the greatest threat to world peace is the inablilty of a group of nations to provide the bare minimum of protection to itself. Consequently it is laid bare to any aggressor willing to use force on them, OR anyone else. The Euros are totally incapable of promoting the peace, through strength.

This same thing happened in the 1930s, and only Winston Churhill had the vision to loudly proclaim such. In the 90s, Europe was unable, and certainly incapable of protecting innocent civilians in the Balkins, which was right on their doorsteps.

And they have the audacity to label others as more dangerous? I must laugh at this worthless poll.
Quote:Israel is No 1 threat to peace, says EU poll
Actually it was poll about european adequacy.
It appears this poll is actually about how successful the media has been at forming public opinion. No more no less.

In this regard, it seems very accurate and begs for reaction, doesn't it?

I know the basis of a free press has always been built on giving them the freedom to say nasty things without being punished for them - but sometimes I wonder whether Slander and libel laws should be rewritten slightly to make objectivity a more important part of such protection.
For heaven's sake people. Europeans blame Jews for Muslim evil. That's what all this "If only Jews would leave Israel Muslims wouldn't act up" stuff is about.
Europeans blamed Jews for Russian evil from 1917 to 1990. Europeans blamed Jews for everyting in Europe during Germany's rise into a pagan powerhouse tyrannizing the continent. Look at the hundreds of thousands of Europeans who volunteered to serve the pagan gods in the SS???? 60% of the SS was non German in 1945.

Europeans blame Jews for all their failures,why make excuses like the media formed their opinions? Europeans have hated Jews since Europeans were born. It's their disease along with the Arabs they prefer.
Why do you think they side with the Palestinian culture against the Jews for heaven's sake?

The poll is accurate,the question is why does Kamil use Europeans as some kind of moral arbiter? There are several polls that indicate they view the USA as more evil than Iran and they're accurate, TOO.

Those polls show who is evil and we're basing our security on a relationship with THEM??? I know most of you don't believe in The Scriptures,but reading them sure reveals we're in the basic spiritual morass Israelis often found themselves in the Old Testament. Primed for some Divine Justice. The Lord often uses the more evil to punish His people when they need it.

Today,that means slavery to Islam. I sure hope The Lord doesn't find it necessary to deconstruct this nation.
Palladin Wrote:For heaven's sake people. Europeans blame Jews for Muslim evil..

But of course. Jews irritate Muslims and it is too non-PC to blame Muslims for anything.
Before long, Europeans will blame anyone who irritates Muslims in any way.
They blame the US for irritating Muslims already.
It will get funnier.
I will quote myself
If "They" (Europe), are against it...I'm probably for it. and vice versa. )
Palladin Wrote:Europeans blamed Jews for Russian evil from 1917 to 1990.
It's funny, cause in 1917 most of top commies were Jews, but in 1990 communist party was almost totally cleansed from Jews.
But if you want to to know full picture of jewish-muslim problems you must read for example this pearle of jewish publicism:
Hi, California!

Yes,I know. It was true everywhere Jews lived,they initially were enthralled with Marx,even in America. I think it's because Marx wiped away the ethnic/religious distinctions of the past and Jews of all folks would have fallen for THAT mantra.

Around the 1950s,they all realized it was a chimera and changed,at least over here.

At any rate,they make up tiny % of the overall populations,it is silly to claim they alone caused Marx to rule Russia. The majority of your country was just prepared to accept that(for whatever reasons),that's why the whites got whipped by the reds. Several Europeans and the Yanks each offered arms to the whites and we even had a small military contingent in Russia trying to assist the whites,Archangel region.

Most Russki simply opposed anything to do with the Czar and it seems the only alternative was Lenin's bunch,notwithstanding Kerensky's Republic.
Two of the by Germany occupied countries (Denmark and Hungary) resisted the deportation of their Jewish citizens to Auschwitz. France, Netherland, Belgium, Norway, Poland and more did not. They were rather contend to get rid of the Jews, to say it plainly. I heard there are a few dozend left in Poland and the Poles feel that is a lot. There was an incident at Auschwitz not long ago when the Polish Government proposed to erect a Jewish temple at the site to commemorate Jewish victims. A rabbi told them, "thanks, but we cannot do at a place where other religions worship their idols" refering to a catholic cathedral not far away. The devout catholic Poles were not amused.
Europe has been antisemitic for a long time. Are the Europeans to blame? Israel, terrorising its Arab neighbours, murdering women and children might give an indication. Jews, turned near fascist. Their state a barracks and each single citizen, including women, a soldier.
Interestingly, the vast majority of the media in Europe is as devout pro-Jewish as the American ones, but Europeans can still use their brains. That exlains the result of the poll.
Palladin Wrote:Around the 1950s,they all realized it was a chimera and changed,at least over here.
May be in US. But in USSR even in 1970-1990 they were the most ardent commies. They were cleansed from Communist Party forcibly because of problems with Israel and jewish emigration.
Enough jewished dissidents existed as well... S2 So Jews actively participated on both sides. If some political parties in 1990 weren't leaded by Jews they were proclaimed antisemitic... S2

It may be that if we had gone Marxist,they would have been slower to change here as well,who really knows?

Luckily,we here have achieved a culture where Jews are considered equals without Marxism. Jews are still generally liberal or leftists here,but not Marxists.
Palladin Wrote:Luckily,we here have achieved a culture where Jews are considered equals without Marxism. Jews are still generally liberal or leftists here,but not Marxists.
Under our classification leftism and Marxism are synonyms. IMHO your lefties aren't lefties at all... It's some sorts of perversions, but not all political perversions are leftism.
bh Wrote:
Palladin Wrote:Luckily,we here have achieved a culture where Jews are considered equals without Marxism. Jews are still generally liberal or leftists here,but not Marxists.
Under our classification leftism and Marxism are synonyms. IMHO your lefties aren't lefties at all... It's some sorts of perversions, but not all political perversions are leftism.

The word "Collectivist" works best. And Collectivists are ALL Left Wing.
The most funny thing is that today Russian government has a lot of Jews and majority of the well-known oligarchs are Jews (including Khodorkovsky).
I am not getting antisemitic, I am getting paranoic.
John L Wrote:The word "Collectivist" works best. And Collectivists are ALL Left Wing.
Yes and no... National-socialists are socialists, at least they think so, but international-socialists hadn't recognized them as socialists because of their ultimate nationalism.
IMHO policy is too many-wings bird to use terms left and right...
Green Wrote:majority of the well-known oligarchs are Jews
Majority? Hmmm... Who is not?
Quote:Majority? Hmmm... Who is not?
Minority, of course. :lol:
Sorry, bh but Left vs. Right has an objective definition. Start at the age of Kings and dictators and understand that such autocracy is the epitome of a strong central government. Throughout the ages from the institution of Christianity, Free Enterprise first developed and started growing. The Right-wing Free Enterprise adherents were opposed by most autocrats as being dangerous to their strong central governments. The centuries-long evolution of Free Enterprise and Right-wing politics was most often bound up with the Church - but occasionally a secular trend arose that understood and embraced the Right-wing ideology.

In the early 1800's in England, as the Industrial Revolution took center stage, all other life-styles became passé. The real events of the day drove the economy and the success of those who held the reigns of power. Many who fought the new technology and the Free enterprise economy were truly repressive and sought power without merit. Those who earned their place as the captains of industry steering the helm of economy had to be denigrated by the Left in order for the Left to carve out a niche for themselves. The Sadler Report of 1837 was such a denigration. Sadler admitted that he wrote the report as a means to attack the Rightist who were gaining ascendancy. He reported the Industrial Revolution was "crowded with overworked children", "hotbeds of putrid fever," and "monotonous toil in a hell of human cruelty." Charles Dickens' novels helped to codify this image. The opposite was true, but the Left needed to make the Right look evil to continue any hope of political power.

You can drift from incident to incident, but the basic schism in politics has always been Free Enterprise vs. collectivists.

The U.S. Constitution was the first objective codification of Right-wing Free-enterprise driving a secular government. Once again, the Left rose up and slandered the Right, inventing a non-existent "Dark ages" they could link to the Church, in an attempt to separate the Church which nurtured Free Enterprise through the ages, and the secular government they wished to use to control Free enterprise and steal their own wealth by redistributing wealth. The clearest example is Andrew Dickson White, who admitted his fraudulent history of Columbus at the courts of Europe, refused his voyage to discover America, based on religious intolerance. In this case, the Left was also associated with atheism and agnosticism against not only Free Enterprise, but also the Church.

Even within the U.S. government, the Leftists try to redefine why the U.S. Free Enterprise economy succeeds while others fail. At the birth of the nation, many Leftists tried to set up fiefdoms and allocate monopolies to businesses which then failed. The failures were massive and caused wholesale state-wide revolutions that seized the monopolies from government and gave then to Free market entrepreneurs who then succeeded. The Leftists set up cliques in government and in academia to create revisionist history to deny the true history of the success of Free Enterprise.

Note that the Left is what sets up fascist monopolies and five-year programs. It is the Right that fights that to allow laissez-faire free markets to work. It is the Left that invents lies about the history of the Church to exclude faith from normal observance. It is the Right that fights to provide free exercise of religion.
Being myself a minority in my own country (in a financial sense, of course) I would like to start a national liberation movement.
What's wrong with that?
Because it seeks to gain assets through theft,that's why.

That idea is no less the thief than the oligarchs you rightly disdain.
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