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Full Version: Who Lost Earth?
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Who Lost Earth?
Quote: Bush can always be blamed by critics for hurling us into a place -- Iraq -- we need never have been, but boils are boils and if not lanced they tend to explode in untidy fashion. What had already metastasized in the Islamic world -- most particularly, the secret of the Bomb -- was not and could not be reversed or even entombed in carbonite. To crib from Trotsky: you may not be interested in taking the plunge, but the plunge, all too often, is interested in taking you. Such are the times in which we live.
I'm impressed by his knowledge of Trotsky. Where had he obtained it? Harvard? Stanford?... Why americans prefer to cite rather criminals like Lenin ("useful idiot" etc.) and Trotsky than Churchill and Roosevelt? Were criminals more bright?
Quote:AND SURE ENOUGH the war in Iraq has brought on a current crisis that will shape American politics for, at a minimum, the next four years. Regardless of one's opinion on that war, and on those who support and oppose it, the feeling of doom and gloom that prevails when the conversation turns to Iran and our options ought to be held at some kind of bay. The consolation of history lends a perspective of its own which ought to encourage not only prudence but steadfastness. Earth has been more lost to us than this. The Herculean task of American foreign policy is to eliminate our enemies faster than, in the process of elimination, we can create them. In the process, it's is good to know, and to know how, we squared the circle in even darker times.
"Eliminate"? :? Why he don't want to democratise them?
Great article, BH! Thanks!

Our psychic or spiritual mentality is what is our problem,not the real burdens on us. This GWOT is less a hassle than deaths on highways by far.

You are more likely to be murdered in our nation's capital if you are black than being a soldier in Iraq,that's a fact.

We're a small model of what those who went before us were,IMO. Very small. We're too "good" to do what it takes to preserve our freedom,though our forefathers sure as HE.LL weren't.