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Full Version: Good Cartoon
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Thanks for the hand there, William. These guys are the best political cartooners going,IMO.
Well, since recently most terrorism incidents are the work of radical Moslems, I would expect the profilers at airports to pay more attention to the people who fit their profiles.

As far as profiling by physical appearence and clothing goes, I don't know if possible terrorists will fit that profile.

During my travels, I was expecting that my first name would attract more attention for closer look of my belongings, but I have not noticed that yet.

In some Moslem countries, like in Turkey, the last names do not indicate somebody's faith.

Overall, I would expect and demand closer scrutiny of people who fit the profile of recent terrorist acts.

You don't look middle eastern from the photo you showed me from your Army days,plus,your name is Turk,not Arabic. So,if I were a security agent,you wouldn't arouse the same suspicion as the others.

It's true that many Muslims wouldn't "look" like a middle easterner or Asian or have an Arabic name,but MOST do and so it seems imminently common sense to eyeball those more closely.

If I lived in Syria and there were Christian terror groups fighting Syria,I would expect to be eyeballed very closely there. It's common sense.

Incidentally,I ate today at an Arab owned restaurant and those guys just don't look much different than Greeks. They are Lebanese.