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Full Version: Anti Bush Opinion Piece
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I only disagree with the view that Bush tried Iraq "on the cheap",that's an ignorant misunderstanding of our force requirements,but the rest seems valid,Bush and America(maybe that's why we have a leader like this) do not have the objective determination to win the GWOT. We are making it worse,as Israel just did and for the same reasons. We aren't scaring anyone,at all.

I agree with your disagreement with "War on the Cheap" but go a little farther in contesting Gerard Baker's column. The success or failure is not in the hands of the military or the governments - it rests entirely with the media and their portrayal of it.

The only sure way to get past the complicit media is to force change that is undeniable. I'd say the improvement to Iraq, for instance, is tremendously greater than the destruction that acts of terrorism has produced - but the American public would not know that. The gang warfare in the urban ghettos in Iraq is every bit the same as the Bloods vs. the Crypts in our own urban ghettos, and getting rid of it faces the same impossibilities. The media tell us the problems - glamorizes the fighting, and ignores the successes.

Tehran is tetering on a tight balance - trying to win control over the terrorist jihadist groups - while at the same time remaining in power at home as a minority of the Iranian people. Many competing Arab and Persian Wannabes wish to supply the Caliphate to a united Muslim world, and oppose Iran's power grab. The success of gangs in Lebanon and their allegiance to Tehran because of weapons supplied to them is tenuous at best, otherwise they wouldn't have ignored Tehran's direct commands not to waste the materiel. They already used up the greater part of Tehran's $3 billion inventory.

If Tehran falls from within, which is the desired outcome, then it will become a stronger Democratic pro-Western country than Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia combined.

I'd love for Iran to fall from within,but I don't count on it. Otherwise,we're in for a big strategic loss as an empire with global responsibilities. We're far weaker right now than we were on 9-11,just as Israel is far weaker than the day Hezzbollah attacked and for the same reason,NO ONE FEARS US,we've shownn who we are and we aren't frightening anyone.

We did frighten Germans and Japanese.

It's simple,we're pis.sing away ourselves,playing their game.
Pal, maybe in the media nobody fears us, but the Tehran inner circle and other Terrorist leaders know the truths the media glosses over and how close they are to annihalation.

I wish they were,but I think you're dreaming. I don't think the USA has the stomach to do the hard chore of massacring our enemy.

I contend our enemy are Islamic societies,not just the ocassional Islamic guerilla. You're unwise if you think the patience of the people of the USA will outlast these delusional hyenas in guerilla fighting.

We're already past the standard "lose patience" point of our people with war.
No, the Islamist leaders in Tehran have power, but are the vast minority. Iran is ripe for the University students to rise up, like the Taliban did in Afghanistan, but this time the students are pro-Western.

Ahmadinewhackjob is tip-toeing with the students, trying to destroy them without giving them an ignition point.