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Full Version: Story on 1 IA Battalion Growing up On the Job
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Seems the lack of an NCO corps is what is really making this job so difficult. Imagine in 1941,America's tiny and under equipped Army became a behemoth in a couple of years and it would not have happened if not for those NCOs we had as a core training crew,IMO.

It seems that the stronger NCO corps are to be found in armies that are least authoritarian. It is hard to explain, but true. Note that in the US military, and other western armies, the NCOs are performing jobs that are routinely found only with officers in other militarys.

Take the Soviet Union. Because the draft system was so harsh and dehumanizing, enlisten men would not remain in the military, and thus the NCO corps was mostly made up of short timers. Only officers were trained at all in map reading, running radar equipment, etc.

Today, many militarys are astonished to see that the US NCOs are performing duties that higher ups do with their units, and the NCOs are bridging the gaps between the enlisted and comissioned ranks.

Therefore, it is the NCOs who really run this military, and if the US is able to ensure that the Iraqis change their stance there, it will eventually become a serious contender. I suspect that this is what is happening.
Makes sense,J. The NCO in a tyranny is afraid to take any risks he may cross the "man".

It's such a difficult chore,Iraq is SO full of dishonest men and we started from scratch.

Seems long term,what with the consistent volunteerism among Iraq's youth for the Army,they eventually will overwhelm the jerks among the Sunnis. But,maybe not if we exit precipitously.