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Full Version: Ralph Peters on Iraq
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I think he's right. I will say the reason we didn't kill Al Sadr was we probably hoped Zarqawi would do it. Weeks before Zarqawi's death he actually did try to kill Sadr but only got his body guards. Now getting to this civil war. It is the extremist within the shia and sunni communities going at it. These are pro Al Qaeda and pro Hezbollah people if not Al Qaeda and Hezbollah themselves.

If we're getting our enemies to kil themselves they can't focus too many resources trying to kill us over here. Also while they go at each other we can pick them off. We just need to make sure one side doesn't get much of an advantage over the other. Once they mostly slaughter themselves we can defeat both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and then bring up a political solution and win in Iraq. It will take time but its a blessing in disquise, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah killing themselves thats great.

What if we had got Hitler and Japan to go at it during WW2. Shock
I think Ralph may be right. A civil war in Iraq,if that's what the idiots over there are determined to have,may long term be good for everyone involved without us.

Let them kill each other off if they are so inclined.

On the other hand, I take a little issue with Ralph's view on Maliki. I do think lately he has shown the willingness to fight the Shiite criminals.