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Full Version: Could Kerry be charged by ICC?
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This is a bit of a split from the "Unfit for Duty" thread in the U.S. Politics Section. Kerry has admitted to violating International Law with regards to the conduct of war. He has further admitted to committing attrocities during war. The U.S. government has done nothing to charge or hold him accountable for these actions. Therefore it is 'technically feasable' that the ICC (which exists to hold individuals accountable when their governments are unable or unwilling or uninterested in bringing them to justice) could charge, try and convict him of war crimes.

Am I being flippant or does this really seem like a can of worms?
Only if he will (suddenly) start to follow Bush footsteps. :lol:
ag Wrote:Only if he will (suddenly) start to follow Bush footsteps. :lol:

So you think he would really have all that much of a choice?
Your key phrase in "technically". I think it's highly unlikely they would pursue Kerry's claim of atrocities since so many of them have turned out to be complete fabrications. The one he committed amounted to little more than burning down a few huts and killing some livestock - a violation but not one worth pursuing 40 years later.
You may be underestimating European animosity. :?
Quote:So you think he would really have all that much of a choice?
If you are talking about rational choices the A. is no. However, some of prev. pres. are known to pursue the irrational ones.
In 1986 before Congress, Kerry stated that he was ordered into Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968, and was shot at by drunken celebratory ARVN forces illegally there. He said he was ordered into Cambodia by Nixon which was against the law. His admitting to being there is a war crime. However Nixon wasn't president in 1968, so this is just more evidence of his lying.

An interesting court case when his defense was that he was lying.