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Full Version: Salafist Radicals - To Know them Is To Hate Them
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These clowns will cause heartbreak and violence,but they won't be alive a long time to rule acting like this,IMO.

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That Sheik should be put to death for saying something like this.

Pasted from LA Times

Sheik Urges Death for Nonobservant
From Reuters
July 8, 2006

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A leading sheik said Friday that Muslims who do not pray five times a day should be put to death.

The sheik's statement, which he confirmed to Reuters after it was broadcast on local media, caused consternation among residents and is expected to fuel Western fear that the Islamist militias that recently seized the capital are planning a hard-line Taliban-style rule.

"He who does not perform prayer will be considered as infidel and our Sharia law orders that person to be killed," said Sheik Abdallah Ali, who runs a Sharia, or Islamic law, court here in the capital, where the militias took control last month.

Thanks for that. This was the gist of the whole article,they are acting just like the Taliban did. Playing God with the character of satan.

I think Somalia is ready for civil war,they'll be begging for US assistance ,IMO.

May already be cranking up