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Full Version: Interesting Find in Iraqi Archives
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Doesn't surprise me since the Taliban was somewhat of a counter to Iran. Saddam hates Iran and shiattes. Saddam followed the philosophy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were our enemies in the 90s and its sad Saddam Hussein recognized this and President Clinton did not.
I also read about this. I think it's very interesting how the ties to terrorism continue to get stronger.

It appears the Dems were wrong on terror, and I'm thinking they were wrong on WMD as well.

If more of this info comes out before the mid-term, I don't the Dems will be gaining any seats.
Democrats4Bush2005 Wrote:The Taliban and Al Qaeda were our enemies in the 90s
In 1990 Pakistan backed Taliban and US ... hadn't protested against it.
The Taliban came into power in 1996 for the accurate record with only Pakistan,Saudi Arabia and Qatar recognizing the legitimacy of that government.
Palladin Wrote:The Taliban came into power in 1996 for the accurate record with only Pakistan,Saudi Arabia and Qatar recognizing the legitimacy of that government.
And due to direct help of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia... I don't know about help of Quatar...
Pakistan did the organizing,SA did the funding. Correct.
Yeah the Taliban did not exist in the 90s. You can't just throw accusations out there bh. Although your tying SA and Pakistan to the Taliban is correct. However at the time President Clinton could not put the pieces together of these regimes creating a regime favorable to them in Afghanistan and at the same time UBL. Saudi Arabia thought this would keep Bin Laden's ambition fed with Afghanistan and thus UBL's eyes off of Saudi Arabia.

It is similar to the error Europeans made when they thought Hitler's ambitions was limited to one country. Pakistan saw it as a counter to shia islam in Iran and a benefit to counter India. It backfired on SA and it was not needed by Pakistan and Clinton should have done more diplomatically to stop this or taken some covert action.
Palladin Wrote:Pakistan did the organizing,SA did the funding. Correct.
Absolutely correct, but I must add:
1. They were recognized by "Chehchen Government" as well.
2. The fall of Kaboul in September 1996 was welcomed as a “positive step” by the US department.
Quote:Yeah the Taliban did not exist in the 90s
OK, it was created in 1994 and ... "did not exist in 1990s"...
It was welcomed by the USA for a very short era because the chaotic slaughter of post Red Army Afghanistan was HOPED to be solved.

Then, we saw it for what it was in very short order and never recognized the government as legitimate and they used their territory later to attack us.
It is ALTOGETHER reasonable to assume had the Russians NEVER meddled in the affairs of Afghanistan by supporting a Marxist movement there and helping Marxists overthrow the King's government,we would not be discussing this today. That started in the early 1970s.

Next time you Russians desire to export Karl Marx's views by force in an Islamic state,I imagine we'll get the same reactions to it. You need to blame us for your failures,go ahead,but it seems to me as long as you do Russia will be a basic failure as a group of people unwilling to face facts.

Now,we see Russia having trouble handling Islamism inside Russia. I wish Russia well in this endeavor,but it's your problem and your fault,not ours and it is not America who built the Iranian Mullahs their Bushewr reactor,that would be post USSR Russia.
Palladin, we are discussing great sin of Saddam - he had a deal with Taleban... Proud americans, who always support "good guys", proclaim it's terrible crime. :? If so, I wish them to look in the mirror and find some additional former supporters of Taleban.
bh you dont get it. Its not just the evil of Saddam allying himself with the Taliban. Its the fact he was working with the enemy that attacked us on 9/11 against the United States. You look at it from a moral standpoint, working with deplorable people and then you try to hold America by the same moral standards as Saddam. We look at it from a security standpoint, Saddam was helping the enemy government the Taliban and the enemy organization Al Qaeda fight war against the United States.

Iraq worked with the Taliban after it was clear they were Islamic fascists with international terrorist ambitions,we did not.

Your attempts to make the case we and Iraq under Hussein are equal is weak. It is your nation today that arms Iran's Mullah's with nuclear reactors.

We've always worked with evil bast.ards for a greater cause, BH,we helped Stalin didn't we? Would you Russki like to lambast America for that decision? After all,Stalin ranks there with the top 5 evil men in human history.

Real bad move,wasn't it?