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Full Version: UK trade body to sue
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Illegal Russian download site heading for the High Court
Matt Chapman, 04 Jul 2006

The British Phonographic Institute (BPI) is preparing to sue after a High Court judge ruled that the action could be brought in the UK.

The Russian music site sells copyrighted material for as little as 3p per track and claims to pay licence fees to the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society.

However, the BPI said that the Russian body is not officially recognised and that UK copyright holders receive no fees for the tracks that are sold.

"The Russian Multimedia and Internet Society is not an officially licensed body and is not recognised as a trade association, so it is completely illegal, " BPI spokesman Matt Phillips told

"If you are selling music and it is on-demand, such as a stream or a download or a tethered download, you need to go to the copyright holder and get a licence."

Phillips explained that is already under investigation in Russia and had been targeted by the US.

"Our equivalent body in Russia has brought a case against the directors of the site which is an ongoing criminal prosecution as I understand it. I think the US is putting quite a bit of pressure on the Russian authorities to enforce the law," he said.

The BPI will serve Media Services, which runs, with a writ later this week.

"The High Court is now working with the Russian court to ensure that those proceedings are issued," said Phillips.

The BPI represents firms producing 95 per cent of British music, including EMI, Warner Music, Virgin Records, and Polydor.

More on AllOfMp3 here:

I think its a shame if the store goes down. Good quality music for very little money without DRM!
I have ocassionally gone there and checked out the merchandise. It is a Huge site, and offers music that can not be found at other places. However, the truth is that they are Stealing from the legal owners of intellectual property, and that is against the law.

"B", if some one came and stole all your masonry tools, would you be happy? How about the contents of your living room? It's the same thing. If property rights are not honoured, anyone can come in and steal Anything you own, including the tools of your trade.

I suspect that our enterprising Russian friend will not be jailed for this, since he is obviously paying Huge Royalties to the Russian Mob, or someone within the Russian government. But once the temperature becomes to much, our Russian friend will most likely move to PRC for another life of illegal leasure.