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Full Version: Bin Laden Sees Iraq as Essential
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He sees calamity for his cause of Iraq is lost,I see a calamity for our cause if we fail.

Patrick, I agree with you there. Unfortunately not everyone looks at it that way.
Bin Laden is wrong. Anyway, Bush himself doesn't seem to be taking the situation as seriously as it needs to be taken.
Anon Bin Laden has time after time made Iraq his focus. You say Bush isn't taking the situation seriously and thats nonsense. Bush risked his life to go to Iraq and meet with Prime Minister Malaki in order to help make our effort in Iraq move forward towards victory. He is very commited to winning the Iraq portion of the Global War on terror.

Quote:"Stay steadfast and don't leave Baghdad, otherwise all the capitals in the region will fall to the crusaders,"

What more do you need to know. UBL believes if he loses Iraq he loses the war. When we win in Iraq we'll watch the islamic fascist fall.
And if we fail in Iraq,we are cooked. It won't happen overnight,but everyone best start finding another nation to live in if we lose in Iraq unless you're a Muslim. Lose anywhere to these delusional freaks and we're finished.