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Full Version: Dutch government collapses
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Source: Dutch Prime Minister to Tender Resignation

After Verdonk's latest no-confidence vote was voted down, the smallest coalition partner stepped out of the coalition. Hopefully Labor won't gain much because of this since they would spoil a big number of good policies that the current coalition implemented: the parties currently in the coalition are not that great, but compared with the other parties they are fine.
Quote:The immediate cause of the strife was the case of former lawmaker Hirsi Ali, 36, who rose to international prominence after writing the script for a film criticizing the treatment of women under Islam _ a film that prompted a young Muslim fanatic to murder the filmmaker, Theo van Gogh, in 2004.

In May, Verdonk threatened to strip Hirsi Ali of her citizenship for applying under a false name when she first arrived in the country in 1992. Hirsi Ali resigned, but after an international outcry, parliament ordered Verdonk to reconsider her decision.

Too late to put the genie back into the bottle. she is already in the US and working for the American Enterprise Institute. At least the cause of the problem is gone.

On with the elections. S6
I am pleased this occurred. It shows the Dutch have some self respect at least.
I thought the resignation was because Portugal knocked the Orangemen out of the World Cup?