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Full Version: Fouad Ajami on Iraq
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Fouad Ajami has always been one of the good guys. His clear statements always bear heeding.
One of the most eloquent about Arab culture and lamnets it,too.
The world of Islam is a case study in frustration for those outside it's domain. Daniel Pipes shows us more about the world of Islam, no matter where they are, and how the view others, with the US being the one out front. And his opinion merely fortifys Ajami's and Amir Taheri's as well.

He highlights the Pew Poll and believe me, it is quite depressing, but not totally unexpected. Plainly Muslims as a group should be considered a potential enemy, if not already there. It seems as though they will Never integrate peacefully, unless something drastic happens.

Perhaps the US should begin secretly ferreting out the trouble makers, and start sending them back from whince they came. They are dangerious, in my opinion.

Mohammad was a real good bedouin Arab mass murderer. Excellent in fact.

Those like Bin Laden and Zarqawi are the good Muslims,the hope being the vast majority never reach that level of "spirituality".