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Full Version: Congressman Curt Weldon with new info on WMDs
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On June 13, Congressman Curt Weldon announced the jury was still out on WMD. Today, he acquired new confirmed evidence on WMD, including detailed letters from the Intelligence Community that were removed from their legal files to safeguard the pompous incompetence of the political inspectors who allowed the whole issue to be so grossly misinterpreted.

This is the info that started the search for the new evidence recently discovered.

Perhaps the particular documents will become searchable shortly.
Assuming it is an accurate story,why has it taken the POTUS since 2003 to let us know this?
Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, and Rush all mentioned this today, with Hoekstra and Sanctorum being the main purveyors of it. Evidently Negraponte recognized its significance and had parts of it released, probably over the objections of the anti-Bush clique in the CIA (a lá Plame) who most likely buried it in the first place.

One thought as to why the administration has not spot-lighted it is the connections made to the identity of the European nations who provided the WMD in violation of the UN-Iraq sanctions after 1991. Either the revelation is thought counter-productive to something else being negotiated, or it was held in reserve for future leverage.

Another guess is the hold-over Clintonian bureaucracy in the Intel agencies hid the evidence of WMD in order to harm President Bush, and the search to root out the traitors was considered more important than releasing the documents to an uncaring implicit MSM. Also ties in with why Goss got the boot.
Perhaps Bush wanted terrorists to think they didn't exist and wanted to keep it onder wraps until they found all the stuff. He could have been considering our security and the security of the troops on the ground. Oops Shock
No,we now know Bush said nothing because there was nothing to say. These shells are all pre 1991 shells according to DoD and Bush's information leading to war was Iraq had a continuing WMD production program.

Far as we know,this is still erroenous information.
No, it is all confirmed. Hoekstra is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, so he is aware of all info on the subject. He, Sanctorum, and Weldon have all established the bonafides on the info.

David Kay was asked by Hoekstra if he would be surprised if we found a dozen chemical or biologic shells, and Kay said he would be shocked. The 500 confrmed are just part of four sites just now being investigated. Don't forget Duelfer did establish Saddam's programs were in place to restart his full WMD production. Chemical and biologic within 4 weeks, and Nuclear within a year.

The documents being declassified also describe Saddam's transport of WMD into Syria.

This has been known for years, but is just now being proved beyond argument.

I heard Hoekstra say that many of the 500 shells were manufactured post 1991, and are fully potent and as dangerous as ever.

DoD has already stated this is not what Bush meant when he warned of WMD. He meant a current aggressive program.

That's why the admin. is silent. The Iraqi program was crushed around 1995 when Saddam's son in law told us everything. There is still no evidence anything else had been produced since then.
Wrong. DoD has not said such a thing. This is exactly the kind of WMD we were worried about that were not listed to meet the UN requirements. Saddam's son-in-Law did flee to another country and admit the existance of the stuff. However, Saddam invited him back and said all was forgiven. When he got his hands on his Son-in-law, he tortured and killed him and about four dozen other family members to prove the point that no one will be forgiven who gives away secrets to his WMD. This particular info prompted the discovery of many secret programs with seed cultures and starting stock hidden away to kick start Saddam's full program. When we invaded, we found more starter programs and biologic and chemical materiel awaiting the next step.

Hoekstra pointed out this particular stuff was ready to use against our soldiers and needed nothing more than to be fired from artillery to be used. The documentation was sealed and hidden away which prevented the rebuttal to the Left's argument that there were no WMDs.

I say wait until more info on this is released - but refer to Hoekstra and other legitimate sources of information, because the Main Stream Media is running away from this story.
Best I recall,it was about an aggressive production program including the means of remote UAVs to spray NYC with sarin gas if Hussein decided to.

Wonder why GW is so quiet about this current production prgram when the globe has called him a liar about WMD?
Palladin, give it a rest OK?

Dubyah don't need to prove anything since re-election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most folks here have never lived in the middle east. Do you think Saddam didn't do his damnest to hide his WMD?

Geeeeeees! the last time he bragged and threatened...l'il Israel cleaned his clock.

W figures why scare the crop out of wimpy bed wetting Americans with the whole scarey thing.

Saddam proved overmuch he would do anything he could get away with...for years.

W stopped the threat, won the battle to remove the jerk, and has created a tar-baby for the terrorists to gnash their teeth on. Get over it.

(I just love mixing metaphors lol )


Ain't no fun if I have to go by a "Bush is correct" script.

You got information Iraq had a current production program or not as of 2003? If not,why are you arguing with me,that's what we were told in 2003?
(Chuckle) aint no fun at all...for you...or for W. Think about how much LESS fun for Saddam...and France...and Germany...and perhaps even Russia.....oops.

I can't out my sources without injuring the war effort. Neither can W. fun at all. Having CEOd a couple of fortune 500 size companies, I can tell you..."da boss don't get no attaboys".
(It's called carrying one's responsibilities, but often lonely)
Highest regards