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Full Version: Links Between The Taliban and Iraq Examined
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I think it's become clear,we had to handle Iraq as well as Afghanistan,this view that it was a secular bulwark against Islamists is ridiculous. Iraq used Islamists,they just weren't ruled by them.

I was just reading that this morning. Uday Hussein visited the Taliban and perhaps UBL himself during the 90s. Uday and Qusay are said to have become more islamic fundamentally the last years before they died. They were not exchanging cookie recipes at these meetings.
It might be true that Iraq used Islamists to a limited extent, but if so, they were the least of the Mideast countries(excepting Turkey and Egypt) in doing so. What about Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iran, or any number of the Gulf Arab countries? Iraq wasn't even a problem, even if they were using Islamists. Saudi Arabia, with a vast terrorist financing network existing on its soil, is the real country to blame for 9/11. And if you're going to say that Iraq was part of the war on terror because it made strategic sense, admit that the only reason for the invasion was to establish permanent military bases in Iraq and disown all the nonsense about democracy etc.
Well Iraqi's links to terrorism was unique. Unlike any other state sponsor of terrorism Iraq did not allow terrorists to roam free around Iraq. Any terrorists activity in Iraq was alllowed and monitored closely by Saddam Hussein. He used the terrorists rather than the terrorists using him like is the case with the other terrorist sponsoring countries.

This allowed for a greater threat because the terrorists would have more direction and the guidence of a government with the knowledge of how to make and use wmds and alot of resources in the oil money Saddam Hussein had. Iraq needed to be dealt with. If it did not have wmds and the ISG never declared it didn't simply it couldnt find anything with their resources and the case is still open, we still know Saddam had the knowledge which could easily be transfered to terrorists like Zarqawi who were in Iraq before the war began.

Saudi Arabia was not responsible for 9/11. UBL recruited 16 Saudis in order to drive a wedge between the Saudis and the United States. It was part of UBL's strategy and President Bush did not fall for UBL's trap. Infact UBL did not expect the retaliation to occur in Afghanistan where the 9/11 hijackers trained. He was actually making a video as the bombs began to drop.

Saudi Arabia had an unwritten agreement with Terrorists,"leave us alone and do your thing ELSEWHERE".
It worked for about 20 years. The agreement stopped around about 2003. Britain had the same agreement with Islamic terrorists and has NOT gone after terrorists internally as hard as the Saudis have so far.

Syria has been known as a protector of Palestinian terrorists only to my knowledge,which PRECLUDES a serious US option of attack.

Iran has been known as a protector of Shiite militias in southern Lebanon called Hezzbollah,but as far as protecting Sunni Muslim terrorist groups or working with them such as providing training,wares,etc,I doubt we can find anything there.

Based on this,I cannot find a cause celeb to dispatch a few hundred thousands of troopers to either of the above mentioned states after 9-11.

However,we know how the Taliban gave protection to al qaeda(had they not they would still be ruling Afghanistan incidentally) and we're learning fairly rapidly how Hussein was paying Abu Sayyaf terrorists(Sunni Muslim revolutionaries) in the southern Phillipines and here we see evidence of his negotiations with the Taliban. We already know via his own documents of his early negotiations with Bin laden while he was in Sudan.

Adding in his 12 years of active war hostilities towards us,it seems as logical we ended his rule as it was we ended Hitler's after Tojo's Japan attacked America.

Note we learn today al qeada was prepared for a gas attack in the NYC railsystem,how quick would you have been in 2002 to accept that Hussein had deleted his chemical warfare program were you our POTUS? Honestly?
Here is part 2. As troublesome as Iraq is,I honestly don't think we could have avoided this fight someday. It was when we got the nuts to do it

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